When Blue Sky talks, you listen

It’s a wonder why I make any decisions regarding my knitting. It always happens that I will become inspired at the last minute and thus impulsively purchase yarn and feverishly cast on.  It happened with Fifi and even my CPH.  Now it’s the shrug for Italy I am naming, Bella.  The pattern is the Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style.  I had originally planned on making the Little Silk Shrug but I had trouble picking the yarn to use.  I’m most likely going to be wearing this in Italy where the weather will be warm and I just didn’t want wool in any shape or form be in the yarn.  I just needed a little push to make the decision.

All this and my  time was growing short (can it really be next week already!) All this anxiety and a seemingly quiet time in a yarn shop will cause one to think that the yarn itself is speaking to you.

Blue Sky Cotton

Yarn: "Pssst. Over here!"

Me: "uh, what the…"

Yarn: "Yeah you, girl with the blank look on her face. I’m talking to you."

I turn to see that a skein of Blue Sky Cotton is just glaring at me…

Me, thinking: Seriously, next time lay off the $1 drafts at karaoke night. Water down beer causes delusions and bad hangovers.

Yarn: "Oh hi, do you need your hearing checked or something?  Anyway let me get to the point, why oh why are you troubling yourself with that dinky Little Silk Shrug when you can do a bigger one, and in my humble cottontany opinion,  a nicer one with moi!"

Me: "Oh… well, I just thought that it would knit up quicker…"

Yarn: "Quicker smicker, look at yourself! You and I both know that you will not be able to put me down and this will be done by the weekend let alone when you need to leave for your precious little trip."

Me: "Well, yeah, uh I guess you’re right."
I so cannot believe I am having a conversation with yarn.

Yarn: "You realize I can read your thoughts and believe it sista… "

Me: "Oh really.. Wel… then, what am I thinking right now."
Hmm, this is random enough: double scoop vanilla ice cream cone.

Yarn: "Stop wasting our precious time Ms.Double scoop vanilla ice cream cone eater. So are you gonna get me or what. Listen I’m 100% cotton here and I gotta a nice shine to me, I also happen to be a nice neutral color oh and there are 3 of me here – come on!  What is the big hold up!? You got the pattern. Just a little ball winding and you can be well on your way…"

Me, with ultimate shock on my face: "Yea. So, perhaps you gotta a point there."


What can I say, Blue Sky Cotton can be very persuasive (and Pushy!)

– "Hey I heard that!"

Blue Sky Cotton

9 thoughts on “When Blue Sky talks, you listen

  1. Brenda says:

    Always listen to the yarn! Great choice! That color will go with everything, and I think a shrug is an excellent solution to the problem of Italy being hot and needing covered shoulders in the churches.


  2. Nubiancraftster says:

    What do you mean? yarn talks to me all the time. But then again so do my other crafting personalities. Shhh…I am talking knit right now, I say slightly twitchy.
    Crafting can make you crazy :O)


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