Skyline Knitting

Before I had my wonderful conversation with Blue Sky I was out at Pier A park doing my part for World Wide Knit in Public Day! (I’m the one wearing the seafoam blue tank top and the crazy frizzy hair..)


We had a wonderful turn out of knitters, crochers and spinners!! I also don’t think we could have asked for a more perfect day.  The sky was overcast and we were getting quite the breeze off the Hudson.  Let’s not even discuss the view.  I do not think I will ever get used to the beautiful New York skyline.  It could be morning, raining, late night or what have you and I will always stop to stare in awe.


We had knitters come from Jersey City, Bayonne and northern Jersey and we even got other Hobokenites who were either just walking in the park or going for a jog to stop and inquire about how to join us.  We all decided that we couldn’t just do this one day of the year and thus have agreed to plan more fun outdoor knitting/crochet/spin events like this one.


I had such a fun time! Thanks to Lisa and Denise who helped put this thing together. I cannot wait for next time 🙂

9 thoughts on “Skyline Knitting

  1. Misplacedpom says:

    Once upon a time I lived in Hoboken on Bloomfield and 7th. I used to love going to the movies down on the pier and hanging out there on sunny days. Now I only really get to go back when I take visiting tourists for the breathtaking view at sunset. Ahh, Jersey!


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