When will then be Now?

It’s only one more day until I embark on my fabulous trip to Italia! My packing is not nearly done but I got my passport and euros!  I’m very anxious about getting there and doing all the fabulous sightseeing but cannot help feeling nervous about being the "responsible adult".   I guess that should come with the territory of being one of several chaperones for the 30+ female teenagers going. I can just see me scolding one of them to "get off the back of that vespa, do you even Know him?"

Of course I am beyond excited about touring a country I’ve never been to.  I did a little research on yarn shops and have chosen only two to try to go see in Rome. Lana Della Vecchia has been mentioned on a few blogs and looks like a must see and perhaps purchase place. The other is Filati Filpucci a suggestion by Yuvee.  I figured I wasn’t going to make a huge list of shops because I really don’t know how much free time in Rome I will have.  I will just have to plan another trip to Italy… I’m thinking next time, Florence!

Cherry WIP

I’m almost done with the back of Cherry and want to maybe finish that before I go so I can work on the fronts and sleeves while I’m away.  I also am bringing a new project with me.  The Rutabaga bag from the spring 2007 Knitscene.  It’s time I took the great advice of the Worsted Witch’s blog and become a little more eco friendly.  (Also my dear friend Patricia said it’s time I stop using plastic bags!)


I probably won’t be able to do much checking of emails while I’m away so keep on knitting and creating and I cannot wait to get back to see new updates and to tell you all of my Italian travels! 

For now when I should be packing I feel more like prepping the pallet for the goodies that are in store.


I hope everyone has a lovely end of June and one Happy 4th of July!!  Talk to you Soon!


14 thoughts on “When will then be Now?

  1. Cara says:

    Have a FANTASTIC trip!!! (And don’t get in trouble by being the one on the back of the Vespa….)
    I’m sorry I missed you last Saturday but it was crazy. FOR SURE when you get back – we’ll finally knit together!!
    Safe travels.


  2. mai says:

    have fun on your trip! i just got back from italy! be safe and watch out for pickpockets!
    by the way, what yarn are you using for cherry?
    also, thanks again!


  3. Adam says:

    Man, I was gonna type SOON! but it looks like you already have the punchline covered 😉
    Hope you have a fantastic time in Italy, I’m super jealous!


  4. isel says:

    Oh, GOD! I am so excited for you and trying to imagine what you might be doing right now.
    I hope you get to go to at least one fabulous yarn store and come back with some beautiful stuff…
    Sending good vibes for a trip full of adventure, fun, and great memories.


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