The Readjustment

It’s taken me a bit longer that expected to get back into the flow of blogging.  I’ve been feeling a bit restless this past week like I needed to be doing more with my time. The result I’m sure of going cold turkey from a trip that was scheduled minute by minute.   I was so overly happy to be home that I became numb.  My mind and body were in denial that trip was over.  As a result, I really have been quite lazy these last few days but I think that’s just to compensate for the get up and go at 7am mode I was in in Italy.


I have been working on Cherry, happily getting back into the project after getting her out of my safely home checked luggage.  I didn’t chance taking the project in my carry on via Heathrow considering the circumstances at the time.  I am done with the back and sleeves and am working on the fronts at the same time.  I have to be very mindful of the pattern though as the increases/decrease and the pattern repeat are all somewhat unique with each side.  It’s all matching but you have to multi-task. Increase here, cable there, etc.

Now though is the fun part of deciding which buttons to choose!  A trip to M&J trimmings is in order I think.  As for the "belt", I’ve seen so many pretty versions of this sweater and really loved the ribbon substitute for the i-cord.  Perhaps I’ll pick a few different ribbon colors to change up the look a bit.

I’m also on the hunt for my next big knit. Frankly I don’t think there’s ever a time where I’m not thinking about what I want to knit next. I am constantly having a click fest on Ravelry and it seems that my queue is being added to everyday and yet I’ll probably cast on next for something I didn’t even see coming.  It excites me a bit that I too may be starting some obsessions – I
love how popular the "Fifi" pattern has become! Yea! KNIT IT. It’s
truly a fabulous and simple satisfying knit.  I saw that it’s been
linked on many blogs and the designer’s website too! (

As for what’s in my knitty brain right now… I have yarn for the Razor Cami that just may be on deck but I’ve also been eyeing some really pretty cherry Koigu at my LYS that is tempting me to make either socks or a head band.

Who knows maybe I’ll finish the 2nd Monkey sock that’s been waiting patiently for me to get over my second sock syndrome?  Or maybe a gift for my dear mom who’s birthday is in two weeks… Or that Fitted Knits tube top that I so know my friend Dana is going to want to make with me (no need to finish Glee, we’ll save that for the fall – this is just screaming summer knit!) …  oh there’s lots floating around this poor head of mine.

This restless mind must try to take things knit by knit. But knowing that I don’t have to set my alarm clock for anything work related for a few more weeks now that makes my little lazy heart smile.

5 thoughts on “The Readjustment

  1. Claudia says:

    Sounds like you have lots of fun projects lined up. My Mom’s birthday is coming up soon too – I’m knitting her the Reading in Bed Shrug (an Interweave Mag staff project). A pretty quick project if you are running into a time crunch!


  2. Lolly says:

    Ravelry has increased my queue so much! and then all of the new magazines and books… it is almost too much… but honestly, I don’t know if I would have it any other way πŸ™‚


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