If it wasn’t for Potter

this jacket would be done already!

Tomten almost there

It was a truly rainy Monday here. One that was perfect for curling up on the couch knitting, drinking a nice iced tea not really feeling guilty once getting off the couch.  I  had obtained my copy of the last HP the day before and had told myself that I would read a few chapters, knit, and read a few more chapters. 

Are you all following what happens when I tell myself, when I Give myself a plan?  Oh right – I never can seem to follow it.  I ended up spending most of the whole day reading and page turning – finishing the book last night.  I find the HP books completely entertaining. I mean yeah, they’re no great feat in literature writing BUT they tell a great story.

Now I am back to normal, I’m no longer a page turning fiend with Goldfish cracker crumbs on my shirt.  I showered,  brushed my teeth (flossed!), gave my hair a little tossle, took a deep breath and got back into knitting mode.  I have just an I-cord border and some buttons to sew and this puppy can be slapped onto the FO list. 

It’s my first almost completed EZ project. (I never did complete the Norwegian Mitts, I will be giving that another go this fall).  To be quiet honest at first I thought she was so wordy and I didn’t really give her patterns much thought.   But now having truly sinked my teeth into this project, my taste buds are craving for more.  Oh that beautiful Norwegian Yolk sweater will be mine, and maybe one day so will the Aran Coat and a few of those Hybrid Sweaters… Oh,  EZ’s infected me and infected me good and I’m glad that there’s no spell or potion out there to cure me!

10 thoughts on “If it wasn’t for Potter

  1. Nonnahs says:

    Ditto to what Cara said! I can see why you got so into it! And how I envy your curling up on the couch day. aah…(living vicariously)…Hey, why do you suppose I could go for some goldfish crackers right about now? 😉


  2. Denise says:

    Did you ever do the Baby Surprise? It is quite a wordy knitty pattern too. I think I will be surprised if it doesnt’ turn into something else before it’s done. As for Harry Potter – I am last on the list in my house for reading rights, but I did sneak a few pages yesterday, and I think I might call in sick to work for a day of couch reading.


  3. donna lee says:

    I have a copy of HP sitting on my dresser taunting me but I know I can’t start it until Friday because I DO have to get up for work for the next two days. I am going to finish my daughter’s monkey socks and start a pair for me. What a novelty, a knitted object for myself!


  4. carrie m says:

    just catching up — love your shrug and loved reading about italy! my boyfriend and i are going in a few weeks, and we CANNOT WAIT. sorry about the lost luggage, tho!


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