Sand, Sun and an FO

Getting back into a routine after a nice long vacation just stinks. (I tried my best at creating a metaphor – my brain it seems is still at the beach so therefore we go with the elementary word "stinks" – I hope all you great literary blog writers won’t mind ;-))

The beach of course was wonderful.  We had 5 out of 7 days of great weather, a big house with three decks, one really rediculously LOUD thunderstorm, a dolphin sighting and a whole lot of sun burns. Oh and one more thing – I finished (and started) a whole knit project!


Project Nickname: Coco
Pattern: Coquette Tube Top from Fitted Knits (ETA: I added an extra R to the top name… thanks to Julia for pointing that out –  must be hungry!)
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, 3 balls
Needles: Size 5s and 7s circs

I know you all love my fabulous tan lines.  I kinda didn’t lay on my stomach too much so there is a huge discrepency between my front tan and my back tan.  Hotness.

As you probably can tell I did knit a good deal of this top on the beach, careful to not get to much sand in the yarn but was careless enough that if I found a grain here or there while wearing it would just allow me to remember where this was put together.  Sometimes I’ll hold the knit up to my ear and hear… ok well not really.  The pattern is wonderful and v. well done.  There is errata though so please check Japel’s website.  Although you will pick it up right away once you get to the patterned body. 

As for the yarn, You all know my serious Jones for Calmer.  I am happy I used it as a subsitution but it seems to be a little bit too stretchy.  (also considering I knitted at tighter gauge too! 5.5 to the inch)  That ribbon is seriously the only thing between making this pretty top x-rated.  I had finished it on the beach and decided to give everyone a quick fashion show.  Well after doing a few small jumps of joyful celebration this top was around my waist.  I guess the only other thing I can do is to sew a little elastic in it but for now I’ll just drawstring it with the ribbon.

We all had a lovely time pretending that once again we were of college age.  We played a few beer games which allowed us to jump and yell and disturb the neighbors.  (oops, we forgot we were in LBI and not Belmar).  We also played a hilarious game called Apples to Apples – one I had never
played before but when mixed with wine or beer can truly cause one’s
stomach to hurt.

I am now back home and doing what I hate most. Unpacking.  I have two more beautiful weeks though before I have to go back to work which is a relief.  I dropped by my friend Patricia’s shop yesterday (Happy 3rd Anniversary, Trish!!) and saw the new Rowan Mag and Interweave.  I am in trouble.  I have wanted to make Orangina and the Razor Cami but now I think those may have to wait for me to start some great fall knitting. 

Oh I mustn’t forget to thank you all for the comments on the Tomten Jacket! Also another downfall from having no internet for a week is the HUGE number of emails and Blogline updates to read and get back to speed on – I will get there, but if I don’t email you right away with a thank you please know that I am!!

Lastly, thanks to my photographer aka Boyfriend aka My Better Half, who’s Birthday is Today!!  To think I’ve known you for 10 years now… oooh boy – here’s to at least 10×10 more!

20 thoughts on “Sand, Sun and an FO

  1. JulieFrick says:

    Awesome post. You really made me giggle and, of course, lust after the top. Now, one question. Isn’t a “croquette” a little ham and cheese fried nugget served in Spain (as per my recollection of my host mother’s cooking)? Isn’t this top, especially in all its x-rated goodness, a “coquette” top? Not that ham n’ cheese can’t be all flirty and such…


  2. Jean says:

    Wow, your version of this top is even better than the one in the book. Nicely done. Happy birthday to your boyfriend. Oh, and I concur: drunken Apples to Apples is good times!


  3. Linda says:

    I love the Coco! It is beautiful. My hubby said I should make one (he rarely likes my knitting). You said that you thought that Calmer was a bit too stretchy….did you have another yarn in mind that you think would have worked better?
    Enjoy that lovely top!


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