Two FO posts in a row… who am I??


Well I figured with all the wonderful Fall Knitting I am drooling for it was time to finish my main summer knit!  This fabu cardigan traveled with me to Italy spending countless hours at the airport waiting for a flight that at one point felt like it would never come.  It came out a bit at hotels in Rome and Sorrento getting the attention of some the girls who made me promise them to teach them how to knit come September.

It waited patiently while I went on a Zimmermann binge.  Also knowing that I wouldn’t be able to devote precious seaming mindfulness to it while at the beach – not when there were Pancakes and Pina Coladas to be had.  But she knew… she knew how beautiful she would be when done.


Here’s the details:
Pattern: Cherry by Anna Bell of My Fashionable Life
Yarn: Elann Sonata about 7 balls
Needles: Size 3s and 5s circs

The pattern was very well written.  You have to though be mindful of how the pattern works with the increases and decreases as there is no explicit detail. I loved how it’s shaped truly brings out the feminine character in this sweater. I already know this is going to be worn a lot this fall.

The yarn was surprising to me.  I used Elann Sonata and it worked out very nicely.  I am someone who believes that a beautiful pattern deserves a beautiful yarn (aka $$).  That’s not to say that you can’t get a yarn that’s less than 3 dollars a ball and it not work well but usually that’s not the case!  The only qualm I have is the knots…. seriously – it would be about a YARD in and there would be a knot.  You kiddin’ me man!  Obviously that didn’t hold me back but just something to think about for your knot-conscience.


The buttons and ribbon were acquired on my latest trip to MJ Trimmings.  I actually had bought two colors for this top but the other ribbon as you now know has made a home in the Coquette Tube Top.  I will go back though to get more because I like the idea of changing that up to change the "flair" of the piece.


OH look it’s me.  I figured since I do all the headless knitter shots might as well give you all something to look at – oh and to show off my tan 😉  Now what to knit next….

54 thoughts on “Cherry

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