Some rain, some knits and a Chaperone

Wow.  All I can say is wow.  Thanks for all the knit love!  I mean I do love Cherry but you all just made me blush so much! (or is that sunburn!?) I can’t wait to wear it out now… so um, Weather, no more really hot weather or thunderstorms, ok? I don’t want to have to wake up to a leaky roof again…

On to the knits – now if I could do that nice mirage of photos that Lolly is so good at, I would but somehow I don’t know how (yes I know it’s a flickr toy but between Ravelry, blogging, knitting, living! I don’t have much time to play) BUT there are just so many new and inspiring knits out there for the fall it’s got my fingers itching.  I have about a week and a half left before I go back to work and I wish I could knit double time!

Like Jess over at Fig&Plum I have been pleasantly surprised with the new Rowan Mag 42.  I love it!  It’s got a little bit of everything.  The "there’s no way I’d knit that" bunch as well as a TON of "yup that’s so being put in the Queue".  I actually love it so much I casted on already for Bridges.  Now, that model pic wasn’t what made me want to cast on, it’s the other two versions that their staff members adorn that got me picking out the Kid Classic.


So far so good – I hope! The shaping is pretty straightforward but I get annoyed when its vague like, "maintain pattern but decrease one stitch at each end of the row".  The pattern of the sweater is filled with YOs and Ktogs so if you want to decrease a stitch at each end  you then have to make sure you’re accounting for every YO or Ktog in the row so that you actually DO decrease the stitches.  You get what I’m throwing down?  I’m about 30 rows into the body and I think I’ve finally got it – if not, we rip.

Other than knitting, I actually went to a Broadway show yesterday with my pops.  He’s off from work this week so we did a little father-daughter bonding and saw The Drowsy Chaperone.  It was…. well, OK.  It is entertaining and funny but I probably wouldn’t go see it again. However,  I did enjoy seeing the guy who played Lionel Luther (John Glover) from Smallville though as the Narrator! He’s got some twinkle toes!   

Today I’m laying low.  I’ve got a bit of a headache (all thanks to being a woman!) which needs a dose of Advil.  I may be going camping this weekend so I want to be well rested.  My boyfriend and I are hoping to catch a meteor shower! I actually have never seen one so I’m so excited.

But again,

OH Weather, dear friend, wanna cooperate with me? Please?  I’ll knit you a scarf…. what you don’t wear scarves?  They SO do not make you look bloated! ok fine… how ’bout some socks?

7 thoughts on “Some rain, some knits and a Chaperone

  1. Erin says:

    I haven’t had a chance to see the new Rowan in person and I am dying to. Must make that happen this weekend.
    Have a great weekend and hope you feel better soon!


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