Is it my Blogiversary already!?


It all started with a Stitch N Bitch book and a pair of size 8 and nine needles.

I made little things then like small cell phone cozies or pouches for my mom to keep her rosary in.I made a scarf for my boyfriend (which he still has and is so tattered now… ahh love) and a few other small knits but didn’t truly explode until I found the knit blogs. 

It was summer and I was searching the Internet trying to find the address of a LYS called Handknits.  In my Google search however I came across a knitting blog – and what an opener to have to the blogisphere: good ol’ Cara from January One.  I remember thinking at the time at how cool this was and was shocked that they actually left each other comments.  I vaguely remember what Cara posted that day but I know I just felt compelled to leave a comment not really thinking she was going to email me back… and she did!

I started a blog that August and oh the places it has taken me.  I went through a huge "what do I want this blog to be about and why am I doing this" phase as we all do and still re-visit that often.  I changed my name about a year ago to Tentenknits from Minor Obsessions as I just felt it sounded better. I’ve met some fabulous other knitters and bloggers am excited to continue to meet and know some truly amazing people! I know I’ve become a better and skilled knitter because of the experience.

Having a blog is such a new experience.  I’ve always kept journals growing up but those were mostly stream of conscience writing where one sentence to the next had nothing to do with each other.  I probably described my latest crush or what kind of food I felt like eating that night.  Total and utter jibberish! Having a blog means you actually have an audience (albet it might be one or two) and you must try to make sense!

I consider myself a not to shabby writer with a passion to be a really great writer (and knitter, and photographer… we all want it all sometimes, no?)  My whole formal education was surrounded around the idea that I wanted to be a journalist.  However,  it’s pretty obvious at times that I am not a master of grammar.  I had found one of my old standardized testing scores (9th grade) and while I was a kick ass reader (99th percentile!) I was terrible at the language arts (79! oops).  It is a skill though which I feel like I am improving with each post.  (sometimes with a little help of a bottle of red).

And my knitting – wow.  It’s amazing to look back and see the difference from one project to the next.  It’s a blur to me now the point at which I decided to go from knitting scarves to socks and lace. When my confidence to make myself a sweater came through in full swing and now I feel ready to tackle anything. 

New project to help ween me back to the office hours.

E. Knight's Tube Top

I truly am so grateful for all the readers I have as I recognize there are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there to visit and you’ve decided to pop by mine! (WOO HOO!)  I hope you get inspired by what you read and see as I’ve been inspired by so many of you!  I too am humbled by your wonderful words and comments and I look forward to seeing what the next year of blogging and knitting and dreaming will bring.

27 thoughts on “Is it my Blogiversary already!?

  1. Christine says:

    Happy Blogiversary, I think I started reading around the time you switched names, you’ve always got great inspiring projects, keep up the great work!


  2. rene' says:

    Happy Blogiversary!:)
    I am new reader–and really enjoy your blog!
    Beautiful FOs!
    I have toyed with starting my own blog–perhaps one day!


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Happy blogiversary! I’ve just started subscribing to your blog, and am so inspired by your beautiful knits. Can’t wait to see what the new one will look like. Here’s to another wonderful year!


  4. Ashley says:

    Happy Bloggy-Day! 🙂 January One was the first blog I stumbled on also. I have enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward to your future projects!


  5. merumo says:

    Happy Blogiversary!
    I am a new reader of your beautiful blog filled with all kinds of wonderful knit works 🙂 My journey to the knitting world has also began from “Stitch N Bitch” book back in last November. As the climate where I live gets extremely hot in the desert, I totally forgot about knitting till my visit to Soho area last month. I stopped by the yarn shop “Purl” in Soho, then it reminded me of getting back to knitting again, then now found your farbulous blog…


  6. lomester says:

    Happy Blogiversary!
    Your story pretty much mimics mine. I did not think I would ever be adventurous enough to leave comments for complete strangers. Now some of those strangers have become dear friends, and more important, project enablers!


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