Coming up for Air

So yeah – I said work was going to kick my arse this week and it did that and then some…

On top of it, no knitting has been done other than a few rows on Tuesday at my SnB.  I’m just so exhausted.  I knew this was coming (hense the super knitting mode pre-work) and I know that if I can make it to next Thursday I may have a possible 4-day Labor Day weekend reward!

The non-knitting though has not stopped me from scheming to make new projects.  I got in the mail Wednesday the Phildar 32 catalogue and can’t stop looking at all the pretty sweaters… hee!  I have my sights set on the first sweater featured in the book.  I just enjoy that they don’t have sweater names therefore it’s labeled "Sweater 1" in Ravelry.  For lack of a photo: it’s a scoop neck reverse stockenette sweater with a leaf motif up the side.  It’s a distant cousin to Rusted Root.

I also enjoy the Yoke Sweater that Jenna made – so lovely! Oh and scheme to make  Lingy’s Long Cardigan.  I just love getting a catalogue that’s nice and chock full of patterns I want to make!

Tonight I plan on relaxing maybe grabbing a pint at a local bar and decompressing from the shock of being back at work.  I have no plans this weekend which is a blessing considering last I heard it was supposed to be super humid and warm – hi air conditioner!!

4 thoughts on “Coming up for Air

  1. Leslie says:

    Well, you “made me” link over to Phildar’s site and I now have to have that pattern book. I’ve knit some sweaters from Phildar with no problem, but the last one ended up in the trash, literally, so I still have some whip marks from that, but these patterns are too nice to pass up. I love the one you’re considering making. If only there was more time, huh?


  2. kae says:

    I love that particular phildar magazine. I have it myself and there are so many things I have to knit – the leaf sweater, the long cardi and the yoke are on my list as well! *sigh* Phildar love!


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