I needed your comments to make me feel better and I do! You’re right, why cast on for something that you’re just not in love with.  It doesn’t make sense to spend all that precious time and energy on something you feel blah about.  Thanks also to Stacey’s suggestion as I casted on for a scarf this weekend.  (have you seen her puppies btw!!) There’s nothing better than Grumperina‘s Shifting Sands and Malabrigo to make one fall in love with knitting all over again.

Shifting Sands II

At first the color of the Malabrigo threw me – it’s a brown pinkish color to which my lovely Boyfriend called "roast beef" but I got over his hunger influenced mind and continued to knit. 

I went this weekend up to a lake in the Adirondacks called Otter Lake.  One of my closest friends has a house there and we decided to go up to enjoy a nice long quiet weekend. I spent a good deal of my weekend sitting lake side with my girlfriends who both re-kindled their knitting skills this weekend.  One is working on a Retro Redux Shrug while the other is working on a simple baby blanket.  I think I got them hooked!

It feels good to see someone get excited about something you get excited about daily!

As for my work, it has calmed down dramatically.  The first two weeks were so hectic I think they made everything else I have to do seem so much more doable.  As much as I really felt like I got my butt kicked I’m happy I had to do it.  The scarf has also been an excellent gateway knit easing me back to work time.  It’s the perfect project to accompany me to the many presentations I will start to do at night.

But a sweater is not to far from being started on my needles it’s just a matter of which one?

16 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Nonnahs says:

    Yay- I’m so glad you found something to knit! And glad you had such an enjoyable weekend. Roast Beef – love it! Not to mention- yum! 😉 I’ve been knitting away at my shawl, which is pretty much just an unphotogenic blob at the moment. I hope to finish in time to get some FO shots this weekend, but we’ll see.


  2. nicole says:

    Nothing like Malabrigo to get the old mojo back. Your scarf is so lovely.
    Both sweaters are sweet, but the tangled yoke just seems so much more “fall” right now. That’s the one I’m jonesin for.


  3. ~Kristie says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You can never go wrong with that pattern and Malabrigo. I made one last year, and it’s my most favorite knitted item ever.
    My vote is definitely for Tangled Yoke. Then again, I’m prejudiced since I just cast-on for my own.


  4. Lolly says:

    Love the scarf, although the roast beef imagery doesn’t sit as well with this vegetarian! 🙂
    Oooh, I love both sweaters – I haven’t seen the Phildar one. Maybe that one?


  5. Leslie says:

    Beautiful Shifting Sands. I love that pattern. You’ve been dying to make the Phildar sweater. Get her done! Me, Tangled Yoke is calling my name. I have that exact pic in my Ravelry queue.


  6. gunter says:

    I’ve been admiring/considering the tangled yoke for some time.
    Your scarf is turning out lovely – somehow the color just doesn’t scream roast beef to me. Maybe I’m not hungry enough?


  7. nova says:

    Roast beef? No way. I think the yarn is gorgeous knit up in shifting sands though. How fast do you plan to knit you sweater? If you think you will finish it in time for plenty of fall wear, I would go with the Phildar sweater (which is oh-so-cute), but if you are shooting for a winter finish, it might make sense to just do TY. But this is my own logic working here.


  8. isel says:

    I must make this scarf. And is that the Brown Berries colorway? If it is, we might have the same scarf some day. That is, if I can get that roast beef image out of my head. 🙂


  9. lomester says:

    Are all boys food obsessed? Your boyfriend’s “roast beef” comment sounded like something straight out of my boyfriend’s mouth 🙂
    I recently got a co-worker rehooked on knitting, and she is outknitting me and loving it. It is so nice to come to work and share projects with each other.


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