Taking Back the Knit

So I’ve done it – I’ve written a great fabulous witty post and it was all deleted by the slip of my select all button and the letter W.  Let’s see if I can even try this again!

A few hours and two glass of Chianti later..

SO, I am taking the "do not knit things you are blah about" to the next level.  I have frogged Cherie. 

Foxfire Fiber Silk/Wool Cormo

It has been sitting on my shelf since last February and it’s just past it’s expiration date.  I know I could have done some tweaking here and there but it just caused such knit depression in me that I just needed to get rid of it for good.  I am thinking it will be reincarnated as a Sesame Cardigan which is such a "wear it everyday and twice on Sunday" cardigan.  I’m just hoping I have enough yarn.  I’m thinking I will and if I don’t I’ll just try to made a few minor mods to get it done…

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk

I’ve also decided to stash bust some more by taking the extra skeins I had from Glee to using it for Anais.  The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Silk which is a tinge lighter than the Ultra alpaca but I think it will work.  I may have to do the whole – knit the bigger size to get a smaller one switcheroo but I’m glad I won’t have to buy a whole new batch of yarn for this one.

All the more monies for Tangle Yoke!

I’ve been thinking a lot about all the knits I want to make this fall and it’s apparently clear that I just love making sweaters, cardigans and well anything I can wear.  Wearability is tantamount to a great knitting pattern for me.  I don’t believe I would knit anything I can’t use or wear or give to someone. Again, why spend all that precious time knitting something that may have no use.  Granted, I absolutely get and respect knitting for knitting sake to learn new techniques but it would have to be a project that has some purpose – a blanket, shawl, etc.   

Also these patterns may be simple and catch my eye but it could also be intricate and dynamic work and I’d run just as fast to my LYS to get yarn for it. I guess I’m what you call an Equal Opportunity Pattern Knitter.

The only problem is, there are just so many patterns and so little time. ;-).  ETA: Those Zephyr girls are so NOT helping!!

6 thoughts on “Taking Back the Knit

  1. Kirsten says:

    That last sentence says it all. There are simply not enough hours in a day.
    I can get just as excited about a simple hat as I can about a complex lace shawl. It is all about the vision of the finished object.
    I hope you are enjoying the Chianti. I think I’ll open a bottle of Pinot Noir and have a glass with you.


  2. Leslie says:

    You might just well be starting a revolution against boring knitting. I have half a sleeve left on a boring top and that’s it! No more boring effing knitting! Now I have to go Google Sesame Cardigan…


  3. stacey says:

    So true, so true. I can’t catch up to things I put in my queue from years ago, let alone all the great stuff that is coming out now. Knitting time is so precious and we obviously can’t knit it all, so we have to knit what we love and what we will wear until the threads are worn through. I love your description that it was “past the expiration date”….


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