Come on baby light my fire

A new knit has begun here at tentenknits – the fabulous Tangled Yoke.

Tangled Yoke

Now, at first I wasn’t in love with this sweater – yes yes I realize there’s Lots of love for this sweater on the internets and especially Ravelry but it just didn’t wow me.  Even when I joined a little KAL over at Patricia’s I still wasn’t getting excited.  I even saw that Nonnahs casted on but still felt the same way she did about not really feeling the "gotta knit it now" feeling we all know too well. All this and yet… nothing…

It wasn’t until I actually put the yarn on those needles and started to knit that things dramatically changed.  Now, I’m just putting the car into 5th and taking it on the open road doing 90 hoping that I don’t get caught speeding.

Perhaps it was getting gauge with 5s or the truly soft wonderfulness of the Felted Tweed, but something has been ignited in me to try to knit up this sweater in ludacrious speed.  Of course we realize that due to my work schedule this just is not possible but this 3 day weekend has certainly given me a good head start.  I’m already past the garter stitch rib (which I had a little prob with the decreasing – anyone else? that whole "knit dec row every 8th row one time?? it didn’t add up to me)  and am working the stockinette – which instead of being really boring for me is a nice mental break from the other craziness of my life right now.

I also had a nice car ride to Boston to work on this as well.  My boyfriend and I took an overnight trip there on Saturday to visit a few friends and his sister and her husband (HI Beth and Peter!).  We enjoyed a quiet day and night of indulging in a new TV, some Newcastle beer, a few somewhat raw cinnabons, watching Ghostbusters 2, and a really funny episode of SnL. (Who saw that Rolf and the Swedish Chef sketch!?)

Today, I am taking my fabulous school holiday to knit some  more while straightening up my apartment for what I hope will be a fun night of watching the Yanks get one more over the Indians… sans Bugs.  (Geee-ross)

I’m also trying to finish Juliet since I think it’s pretty rediculous on my part that I can’t quite sew a button and add some ribbon to it.  But here’s a sneak peek for those waiting still…


I am just hoping the weather around here will cooperate so that I can actually wear it.  I mean 80 degrees in October?  A knitter could get real lonely in this weather…  but yet another thing to wish for on them candles –  oh yes there’s going to be a little Ten-Ten celebration soon.


ps. bloglines it would be nice if you can update my link so that people can actually read this if they wanted to!!  : (  Hi! I am here!

11 thoughts on “Come on baby light my fire

  1. Melissa says:

    Your Juliet looks great — I can’t wait to see the final pictures. I’ve started knitting it, though I’m not entirely sold on it. I think if I see a FO that really fits well, it may help get my butt in gear with it.


  2. Nonnahs says:

    Yay!* It’s totally the Felted Tweed, right? I’m really liking this so far too- and I’m glad to hear you’re ok with the plain stockinette portion, cuz I just got to it and I’m a little afraid it will kill me. The yarn is so great though…I have hope.
    * Aw, it’s *almost* like we’re knitting together. 😉 Got my glass of pinot grigio here- you?


  3. Heather says:

    I agree that this weather isn’t exactly making this sweater all that appealing at the moment, but yours will be lovely when the temperature becomes seasonable…


  4. Marie says:

    I read your post last night just as the game was starting – ‘having been away for the weekend and just having returned home I had forgotten all about it – thanks for the reminder! My current WIP is much the better for the time I then dedicated to the TV!
    Your Juliette is adorable! Its great on you!


  5. Leslie says:

    I’m going to try to find one ball of Felted Tweed in this town to see if I get gauge on 5s before I begin with the Rowanspun DK that gets gauge on 3s. Yours looks great so far!


  6. abby says:

    Both sweaters are looking great! I’m thinking that I’ll save the Tangled Yoke sweater for the week between Christmas and New Year’s… an lovely project after a hectic December.


  7. nova says:

    I think both sweaters are going to be totally fabulous when you are done with them. Tangled Yoke looks like you are progressing. I just can’t get past the miles of stockinette before you get to the cables… I do sort of like the sweater thought…and I do have some Rowanspun DK…


  8. Pat says:

    I got messed up on that same decrease instruction – in fact even after counting several times, I ended up with an extra decrease row (trying to remedy that now on the increases!) Yours in looking beautiful in grey tweed!


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