Happy happy joy joy

Dudes – once again I am humbled by your fabulous comments! I for sure thought this one was going to go semi in the undercurrent of the knits out there since there are so many TYs for you to see but Yowzers thank you!  I highly recommend the pattern and love the yarn – Rowan Felted Tweed.  However, did anyone else notice how easy it was to break the yarn?   I mean maybe my superhuman strength was more than enough for it’s simple ply but for reals it broke so easily!

Anyway I’m obviously glued to the computer lately – every time I post I always obsess over it.  Refreshing my emails and blog site. I also cannot stop refreshing my Notebook page in Ravelry to see if the little numbers beside the hearts change.  I love getting more hearts the way I love getting comments, tee hee!   

AND speaking of comments we have broken the 1,000 comment milestone here at Tentenknits!!!    Congratulations Kate from Purlygirly you are my 1,000 commenter!!  Bob, tell her what she’s won..

A new car!!

No really – I will have to put my thinking cap on and do something special.  This is a pretty huge deal, is it not? All my experienced contest givers… what say you – yarn? notions?  Hey Kate, what do you think? I love all your comments and they just make me so happy but honestly I’m an easy girl. I mean you could probably Burp in my comments and I would say, "Awe".  But please don’t feel like you really have to šŸ˜‰

At the moment my boyfriend and I have just finished watching the latest episode of Heroes.  I won’t give anything away but geeze can we get something going – I feel like all the episodes so far have just been "set-up" shows and not results – don’t turn into Lost!! Please, talk about the biggest let down from Season 1.  Let me not even start on TV shows – let me show you what I was doing while watching… continuing the progress on my Koolhaas.  The little something on the side before I start yet another sweater.  Knitting sweaters makes knitting hats seem like knitting in light speed. 


Nothing makes Monday more tolerable than Malabrigo.

9 thoughts on “Happy happy joy joy

  1. jami says:

    oh, you’re making everything on my “to knit list”! i LOVED your TY by the by. seriously, the color is beautiful! and now that i’m a seattleite, i can appreciate koolhaas even more! i also have to say i just finished the latest heroes and i’m also getting fed up with this season – but i’m trying to be patient. šŸ˜‰


  2. Julie says:

    I agree with you about Heroes- and sometimes it feels like they are just tossing in a few odd scenes just for the sake of it. That’s some yummy looking Malabrigo you’re using for your hat!


  3. earthday says:

    I really love your taste in knits. I’m glad to see you’re trying this pattern in Malabrigo. It’s definitely on my list to knit and I was wondering how it would turn out with that yarn. Can’t wait to see! Your tangled yoke was gorgeous too!


  4. gunter says:

    I have yarn ordered for the tangled yoke – seeing your lovely finished sweater makes me so impatient to start mine!
    P.S. Heroes lost me a while back, have you tried Pushing Daisies? It’s my new favorite show.


  5. Kate says:

    OMG! Here I am winning something and not even noticing for days. It’s that stupid job that makes me ignore knitting blogs. (Anyone else hear in their head “A new Car!” exactly like on the Price is Right? No? Just me?)


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