It’s tricky.

I’m all up to tricks this morning.  I mean it’s Halloween and I work at a school – it’s like an at work holiday in my book.  This mentaliy is a bit bad I know, but I can’t help it.  I love my sleep.  I even had a battle getting up this morning that went something like this:

Alarm 6:30am – Beep Beep Beep

Brain: Time to wake up!

Body: 6:30!  That clock is set 10 minutes fast… it’s really 6:20 – you got ten more minutes and it’s Halloween – no one’s gonna need you right away at work.

Brain: yea, you’re right! good call.


Alarm 6:40 – Beep Beep Beep
Brain: ok we should really start thinking about getting up

Body: Yeah yeah I’ll start thinking.. It won’t take us more than 15 minutes to get ready – we got 5 more minutes – and it remember 6:40 equals 6:30 we got time….

Brain: yeah ok.  but we should stop hitting snooze the BF might kill us.

Body: that’s a bit dangerous, no?

Brain: what’s worse us being late or the BF being cranky.

Body: yes. yes. ok well back to snooze

Brain: ok now we really  need to get up

Body: two more minutes, i mean what’s two minutes – you don’t need to wash your hair

Brain – get up!!  I even gave you 5 minutes… a whole 3 extra.

Body: remember, it’s only 6:40!! PUHLEEESE, you can get up and get out in 10.  We already know what we want to wear and I hear showers are overrated.

Brain: you’re so freakin’ lazy!

Brain:  Come on, Get er up!! We’re going to be soooo late to work.

Body: No we’re not – and if we are we can always bribe them with Dunkin Donuts. 

Brain: Honestly all you think about is donuts.

Body: No I don’t.  I think about coffee and donuts.

Brain: Right exactly.  Now can we please get up…

Body: Fine, but I want a Coffee Roll.

Brain: Fine.

Body: God, I can’t wait until we Fall back next week – a whole extra HOUR!!

now out of bed, sluggishly walking to the bathroom.

Brain: We’re so late. mumbles I really ought to invest in one of those clocky clocks. Hah! that will really get my Body out of bed.

Body: Huh, what are you saying up there??

Brain: Oh nothing, just pass me the soap.

8 thoughts on “It’s tricky.

  1. Risa says:

    That read like my morning! Oh geez. While that clock would probably get me up in the morning, that random beeping pattern would be key, I think I’d lose the darn thing somewhere in my room. Clever idea!


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