Jenn tagged me a few posts ago!  8 random things… I think I’ve done this before but that was 7 random things then – this is 8 random things now.

Velvet Koolhaas

1. I love to play blackjack.  Actually, my boyfriend and I took a little trip to AC Halloween night.  We both had off on Nov. 1st and did an over night there.  We played for a few hours and came home with more than we left with. I heart mid-week vacations! It’s also possible that in my last 7 Things I mentioned this and how I spent an exorbitant amount of time at the tables in Vegas.  I did however come home a winner this time and am now contemplating more yarn to buy 😉

2. Before knitting I loved doing other crafty things.  I made necklaces with beads and buttons.  I loved making friendship bracelets and probably have more scrap-booking supplies that I know what to do with.  I even bought glycerin to make my own soap.  Knitting has since taken over those other loves but I’m sure they’ll poke their crafty goodness in here some day.

3. I’ve recently been very monogamous with the cereal I eat in the morning.  Right now it’s Vanilla Almond Peace Cereal – i love it.  Now only it is pretty good for me (sorry Frosted Flakes!) and organic it raises money for different organizations and events that promote peace in the world.

Velvet Koolhaas

4. I only drink iced coffee.  Yes even in the dead of winter you can see me rolling up to the closest D&D and asking for a Medium Iced Coffee with skim and splenda.  I always manage to burn my tongue on hot drinks and therefore figured if it’s 98 degrees on the inside ice coffee is fine all year round.

5. I collect wine corks.  I’ve been collecting them ever since I saw a huge wine cork board at a restaurant I went to a few years ago.  Have I made said cork board yet?  Well no, but I have enjoyed many a great bottle of wine 😉

6. Just found out that i love the Complete Spiniach Salad at Trader Joes.  Me, the girl who never eats salads and always opts for Chicken Fingers and french fries.  It has cranberries, blue cheese and almonds. YUM!! I may grab a few bags on my way home from work tomorrow.

7.  I pretty much wear the same makeup everyday.  I love stila.  I wear their lip gloss and shadows all the time and although I may go crazy at their kisosk at Sephora I end up putting on the same shadow and eye liner to work everyday.  I want to be more creative in that area but find that I’d rather be knitting ;-).

8. I love making hats but rarely wear them!  It just turns out that either I forget them at home or give them away.  I also feel I have a weird shaped head and they always seem to ride up and look funny.  However meet Koolhaas.  I LOVE this hat and have already casted on for another.  The yarn of course is Malabrigo in Velvet Grapes.  Velvety it is.  This took up a little less than a ball and there just might be enough left over to make a Calormetry for those big curly head days.

Velvet Koolhaas

I hope to be posting more this week as work has gone back to normalcy (for now!).  Hope everyone has a great Monday!

9 thoughts on “Tagged.

  1. libraryliz says:

    I love the Peace cereals too – the vanilla almond is so good. I also love the granolas.
    Great Koolhaas. I don’t usually wear hats but I’ve been trying to be better about it but I don’t really feel like I make a very good hat – maybe I’ll try again soon!


  2. abby says:

    I got some Malabrigo last week to make Koolhaas for a holiday gift. I’m glad to see it looking so great!
    There’s a (soon-to-open) restaurant in the city that has wine corks covering all of the walls. If I could only remember the name… The pictures I saw were really cool.


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