I stand corrected.

I guess when you speak, Manos listens.

Manos Silk Blend

Imagine the softness of Malabrigo in the bright beautiful dye of Manos.  Omg. Not sure if I can contain myself.  My LYS, Patricia’s Yarns just got it in and I nearly tried to take it all home. It’s a silk merino in dk which has now triggered my mind to search what patterns to make.  I have the Handknit Holidays book and am eyeing the Stained Glass Scarf that I’ve wanted to make for so long now.   I also see a nice shrug, gauntlets, perhaps another Shifting Sands, or head warmer.

Silky Manos

And boy is this yarn is SO soft! I cannot lie that although I love using Malabrigo I was sad that I felt I was leaving Manos behind.  But oh boy Manos, you sure did an "Nah ah, girl, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!"  They only have a select few (beautiful I might add) colors at the moment but I’m sure this is the direction they are going and I’m loving every bit of it!

Way to add the fabric softener, Manos!

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