and twice on sunday

I’ve got not one but two FOs for you today!  What has gotten in to me?  Well it might be the 5 gin and tonics I drank last night πŸ˜‰

PY Sloucky Beret

I finally made myself a slouchy beret that I’ve been thinking a lot about after seeing a few on Ravelry and the queen of cute berets, Jenna of Knit and Pieces.  This hat is really a mutt from several knit patterns and is something that my friend Patricia of Patricia’s Yarns put together.  Her original version has a garter stitch edging while mine is changed to a 1×1 ribbing.  I also extended the body of the hat by about an inch or so to make it a little bit more slouchier. 

PY Slouchy Beret

Amazingly, this hat only took one ball of Rowan Cocoon on size 10.5 needles.  A few of you asked what I thought of that yarn from my Juliet post.  I really love the softness of this yarn but beware it sheds a ton while knitting.   After a wash it calms a bit and so far this hat hasn’t left my head looking fuzzy after wear. It also gives a good drape but can really only see using it for smaller knits and not sweaters – it seems to me that a sweater out of this stuff would be really heavy wearing.

Sands Jr.

I also finished my 3rd Shifting Sands scarf.  I know I don’t need to explain much about this scarf and how i love it.  I did make a small modifification by casting on 37 instead of 42 stitches.  It came out a little skinner and longer… hmmm I just love it.

Thus ends the selfish knitting for a while.  Time to capitalize on the Christmas knits and not to mention I’m still working on the Hoboken Homeless Shelter Blanket!  We’re still taking squares if you got a few hanging around πŸ™‚  Remember the due date is Friday Nov. 30th!

Covered in good knits

Two fabulous knits and a lazy Sunday make this girl a happy one.

14 thoughts on “and twice on sunday

  1. Julie says:

    Gin and Tonic is my FAVOURITE drink!!! No wonder you knit such a gorgeous little slouchy beret- fabulous! I always say that I need a G&T because the lime helps prevent scurvy. Nevermind that no one gets scurvy anymore, that just means that the G&Ts are working!


  2. nova says:

    You are a knitting machine! I can not fight the cuteness. I will knit one of these scarves in pretty kettle dyed yarn as soon as the Christmas craze of knitting is done…and it will be for me, because I so deserve it.


  3. debbie says:

    Great hat! I really like your version. Any idea how those of us who live in another state can get our hands on a copy of the pattern?


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