The gift that keeps on giving

There’s really no good way to start the story except for how it ended.  Me passed out face down on the couch still in my party clothes.  What can I say – knitters just throw the best parties! The next day of course was spent re cooperating with lots of Tylenol and water.  I guess I’m not in college anymore. 

This particular party was a gag gift party.  You bring one you get one.


Introducing my Food Babies – from L to R, Sprinkles, Eggy, Popcicle, Bottle girl, Sprinkles Jr., Frosting.  Faux porcelain statuettes.  (pay no attention to that ridiculous photo of my boyfriend and I in the back ground… )

And of course the best one of the group:


I think I’ll call this one, Pickles.  And Pickles spilled her milk all over the burger. bad baby.

One can only wonder what I will do with these figurines… maybe I’ll do a little gift it forward and leave a baby at a friend’s house.  One in the bathroom… another in a kitchen cabinet.  Or maybe on a bar?  I think everyone needs to appreciate these babies.

Anyway knitting is finished with the Gretel beret.  It came out sloucher than I expected – may rip it back but it’s a gift so maybe the recipient will like it that way.   I am also seaming the blanket tonight and hopefully will have some photos to share of it tomorrow – it’s soooo pretty!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!!


8 thoughts on “The gift that keeps on giving

  1. lola says:

    The best part about that gift… Funny the first time, then you wake up & realize they’re funny all over again! Maybe with a headache, but still hilarious.


  2. novav says:

    I would never get rid of them. I would keep them, display them prominently and see what kind of reactions you get. I think they are hilarious. HEEE-tee-hee-LARIOUS.


  3. Denise says:

    I looked at the picture when you posted this… and then looked again today and I think the food Babies have multiplied in the picture! You’d better count them, they might be taking over your apartment.


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