simple beauty

Sometimes you realize that all it takes is stockinette stitch and letting the yarn do it’s thing.

Manos Mittens

I whipped up these mittens for a dear friend who’s been waiting patiently (oh so patiently!) for me to gift a knit upon her.  She was there in the beginning and even knows the pre-knitting M very well!  Who knew I’d be here doing what I do, writing what I’m writing, huh, TK!?

Manos Mittens

These mittens really gave me a chance to get back to basics and realize how such beauty can come from a simple pattern.  I also haven’t made mittens in a while so it was a nice change from a lot of the sweater knitting I’ve been doing all year.

I almost forgot how much I love Manos 113.  How beautiful is that colorway! It has a hint of everything without being too rainbow-y.  A yarn like this just needs garter or stockinette stitch and nothing more.
This pattern is from Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Patterns book.  I used the gauge of 5 stitch/in. and did it on US7s.   I highly recommend this "textbook" for anyone who wants a primer for designing their own stuff or just wants a nice basic pattern for things like gloves, hats, and sweaters.

My Christmas knits are coming along nicely – mitts done, a hat done, a baby hat almost done and a scarf, some cozies, and maybe a Wallaby are left with 19 days to go!  I figure if I can cast on for the Wallaby and knit the scarf in chunky yarn I may not be too insane with thinking I’ll get it all done in time – you know, the knitting robot that I am ๐Ÿ˜‰


Once Christmas comes I can get back to my own knitting – there’s  Tilted Duster on the needles waiting for some attention and I just casted on (in between the Christmas knits, I swear!) for a wrap sweater (#49) from the No.30 Rebecca.   So it’s lookin’ like it’s going to be a great 08!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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17 thoughts on “simple beauty

  1. stacey says:

    cute mitts. i love that book – it is my “go to” one for almost everything! i’d love a wrap sweater (right after i finish my yoked one!). i’ll have to check that one out!


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