Pattern: Gretel by Ysolda
Yarn: Cascade 220 heathers… 2 balls (second one used about 2 yards of it!)
Needles: Size 5s and 7s circs

This hat is another Christmas knit – the one that’s going to my secret santa.  Of course I’m risking the fact that she may look on this here blog and see it but I mean come on… you knew it was going to be something knitted! 😉  I really loved the pattern and made the slouchy version.  I would absolutely make this again but next time will do the regular size instead.  I also just did my regular cast on instead of going tubular.  I definitely want to try that cast on for my next Gretel but where I was at the time I casted on I didn’t have the proper tools – an extra needle – and I really just wanted to get it started.


I am so happy with this hat and I can’t wait to gift it.  The knitted presents are still steadily coming along.  I just casted on for a Wallaby and am through the front pouch and will hopefully start on the first sleeve tomorrow.  I’m making it to fit a 1 year old so knitting is going somewhat fast.  I do though have a couple of knits that may need take priority this coming week though.  We’re having a few "Christmas Dinners" next weekend which I kinda forgot about so Christmas is really the on 16th for me!   My brother is flying in from London and unfortunately can’t be here for the 25th so we’re doing a little Christmas observed next Sunday.  He’s pretty much set but I thought I would make the Trinity Hat for his girlfriend.

I spent my weekend working at my LYS and knitting away on the Wallaby in great company.  Patricia the shop owner was finishing her own Drops A-line jacket (which looks great by the way!) and our friend David was working on a Koolhaas.  I have Dave to thank for the great Gretel shots!  It truly was a great weekend knitting, drinking wine and telling funny stories (oh and a few knock knock jokes.)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend filled with great knits and friends.

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