’tis better

To give…

I’ve been working fiendishly trying to finish some smaller Christmas gifts in time to mail them out. I know  I’ve passed that due date to the post office but I consider Christmas to be that whole time in between the 25th right up to NYE.  So in order to keep the celebrations alive why not have a few packages be received then?

And quite honestly, Christmas this year has been everything but the 25th for me.  I  had my "Christmas" with my family last Sunday.  My brother was in town only for a moment with his lovely girlfriend.  I gave my brother a gift of old DVDs we used to watch when we were younger calling it the "Keepin’ It Real Collection" and gifted Lucinda with the Trinity Stitch Beret.  I get all nervous when I give someone something I made especially when the recipient has an eye for fashion.  The whole thought, will she even like it or wear it slipped into my mind.  It was when I saw the look on my brother’s face as she put the hat on that I knew it was a success.  She looked smashing in it!  I didn’t get to take any with her wearing it but it doesn’t matter, she loved it and that makes me all warm and happy inside!

Popi's Scarf

I also made my dad the Boyfriend Scarf from LMKG.  I made it out of
Misti Alpaca Chunky – simple pattern, soft yarn – a fabulous Christmas
gift.  I used US 11s and it gave the scarf a lovely drape.

Or receive…

Christmas Gift

On the other hand, getting presents does feel OH so GOOD.  Like this one from my "SFAM" (aka Sista From Another Mother), Nonnahs!

A knitted bangle!  I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been loving this idea since I saw it over at Jenna’s and it’s been on hold as the other Christmas knits were coming together.  Alas, in the mail these came with the cutest packaging.  I plan on wearing it to all my Christmas parties and on NYE (among other places!)  It’s a totally cute bangle and I cannot wait to make one too!

I want to with you and yours a very very Merry Christmas!! I’m off from work this week so I’m hoping to blog a good amount especially with a fun 07 re-cap. Boy did I knit a TON this year.

Drink the spiked eggnog for me! 😉


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