Knit of 07

07 will certainly go down as the year of the knits (especially sweaters, there were 8!) here at Che Ten ten.  I was never found without needles every season of the year.  I became more confident with my knitting and really tackled a few pieces that before this year I may not have thought would be possible.  I have made such great friends via this blog and am excited to see what 08 will bring!  If you want to see more of my finished knits of 07 check out the flickery set.  I am following Lolly’s lead and doing KnitLit’s Best of 07!

1. your best FO of the year


Such a tough call on this one… in terms of fan favorites I would say Cherry is the one. I truly admire Anna Bell and was so excited to knit this cardigan.  Cherry was made with Elan Sonata which was a surprising yarn to knit
with.  It worked up nicely and has worn better than expected. This is a staple in my wardrobe rotation.

Tangled Yoke

However, my personal favorite and what I wear more than others is the Tangled Yoke. I loved the design and am always loving everything Eunny Hang does! I think of making Autumn Rose daily!  The TY was a meditative knit with lots of stockinette simple shaping and one kick ass cabled yoke!  Don’t ask me if I’ve actually sewed buttons on that cardigan… i mean this is a Knitting Blog 😉 I do have some beautiful ones picked so I promise I won’t delay much longer on that!

2. best FO of the year made by a blog you link to

Again another toughy… but I must say I totally connected with Nonnahs this year and loved her Fifi which made me immediately cast on for one.  After that we just began writing each other finding that we have such similar tastes and convinced that somehow we were separated at birth 😉   And let’s not even discuss Ravelry – I’ve seen such great inspiring work from Isel, Lingy, Lolly, Kirsten, and so many more!  I am constantly bookmarking and favoring knits everyday.

3. best yarn you tried

I fell in love with Malabrigo this year.  It’s just got such a soft, marshmallow-y feeling that I couldn’t help making two Koolhaas hats and two Shifting Sands scarves with it’s goodness.  I plan on owning more in the new year! haha 🙂

4. best new book/mag/pattern of 2007

There were so many patterns I could name here.  I am always impressed with Interweave Knits and have always had at least one pattern I have wanted to make from every issue.  I also love the classic designs of the Zephyr Girls!  I’ve made Glee and Rusted Root so far and am looking forward to making another one of their sweaters soon!

5. best new knitting technique or gadget you tried in 2007

I learned how to cable without a cable needle at the beginning of this year which perhaps is the most freeing knitting technique out there!  I also learned how to knit Continental despite loving my original English (throwing) way but noticed a definite increase in my knitting speed.

6. top 5 inspirations–what five things inspired you the most over the past year?

I think overall just seeing what people have done and created has offered me inspiration.  Reading stories of triumphs over frogging or taking that jump and cutting that steek makes me realize that we’re all in this knitty obsession together!   I am constantly seeing things and reading posts that make me want to constantly better my writing and photography and for that challenge I say Thank You.

7. designer who most amazed & inspired you throughout the year

I love everything that Anna Bell creates and am always impressed with what Eunny Jang creates.  As of late, Jared Flood, aka Brooklyntweed has been popping up all over the place with some very classic and pretty designs.

8. knitting resolutions for 2008–what’s next for you and your blog?

A ton of knitting, I hope 😉  I really hope to continue make some more beautiful pieces as well as experimenting with my own designs. I am also looking forward to doing some more stranded work this year.  I dabbled a bit with a mitten but haven’t really jumped into Fair Isle.  There are some beautiful patterns out there that are stealing my attention and I think it’s about time I casted on…

This blog has continually challenged me to be creative and to recognize a desire within me to do something more.  I look forward to finding out what that "more" is in the coming year!

Thank you to all those who read and take the time to come by Tentenknits!!  You more than anything really push me to do what I love to do!

13 thoughts on “knitplosion

  1. Monica says:

    Great post! I loved watching your knitting projects throughout 2007. All your FOs were my favorites! Thanks for being such an inspiration and creating some truly beautiful knits!


  2. Francesca says:

    You are an absolutely inspirational knitter and as I slowly progress in my own knitting skills I find myself turning to your blog frequently for inspiration and motivation. Thanks so much and I hope you have a great ’08


  3. Lolly says:

    You had such a banner year, M! your lovely knits and photos were definitely an inspiration to me 🙂 Happy New Year! to many more lovely knits in the future!


  4. Nonnahs says:

    Yay, what a great post- and look at all your gorgeous knits! And we share a highlight in getting to know each other last year. Definitely one of the best things about 2007!


  5. stacey says:

    what a great collection. when you put them all together like that you can see all the nice, muted shades – wonderful! it’s been interesting seeing what colors/tones people gravitate towards….


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