the art of doing nothing

Tilted Duster WIP

I am enjoying my final two days of vacation knitting and relaxing.  I
confess that I have spent an more than an appropriate amount of time in my comfy
pants.  I cannot even think of how it is going to be possible to wake up
for work on time at the end of this week.  But what can I complain about, really… it’s been a wonderful Christmas/NYE break.  My boyfriend and I capped off the holidays with a wonderful fondue dinner with close friends last night.  I had dreams of chocolate covered strawberries!

On another note, sweater knitting has reemerged in a flurry of k2, p2, m1s and simple stockinette.  The Tilted Duster which has been in patient hibernation is back on track to be the first FO of 2008. Another year full of sweaters?  We’ll see!  The sleeves which were casted on a few days after Christmas are done and I’m 4 repeats of finishing the skirt.  Size 10 needles make things go quickly!

If only my last vacation day didn’t move that fast….

6 thoughts on “the art of doing nothing

  1. nova says:

    See, at least you can say you wore your comfy pants…I wore my pajamas for more time than I can admit on my vacation. Seriously. I think 2008 is going to be a good sweater year for me. I can feel it. That in a shifting sands scarf. You have egged me on sufficiently.


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