Sunday Funday

I feel like there’s so much good knitty stuff to talk about that I feel some bullets are in order 🙂

  • Yarn and color cards have been ordered for the Venezia Pullover and the Phildar sweater.  So now all that’s left to do is wait!  I really thank everyone for their valuable feedback.  I would be lost with and in a yarn tangle without you! 😉
  • I am done with the skirt on the Tilted Duster and will be picking up the stitches at some point today for the collar.  So far so wonderfully good but I think I wish I had sewed the sleeves in when I sewed the sides and shoulders but with good lighting and patience I’m sure the sleeves will set in just nicely!  I made them a tinge too long as I got carried away with the cuff ribbing but I’m hoping to squish them a bit in the blocking process.
  • I finally got a chance to to take a pic of the Rowan Cardigan from the Studio 6 book – so you can weigh in on that one too.  My hangup about it was having the huge chunky cables up the back of the piece.  At first I was leaning towards no, but recently have thought that it would be quite lovely.
    Rowan Studio Chunky Cardigan
  • I’m also loving the new issue of Vogue Knitting (haha despite the Obvious!).  There is a ton of great knitting to boot! I immediately casted on for Norah Gaughn’s Medallion Shawl with some Rowan Silk Wool I had in the stash.  I’m on the 7th row of the first repeat where I have to knit into both loops of a Double Yarn over.  I at first though you dropped both stitches but realized that no indeed you need both loops – so I’m knitting in the the front of one and the back of the the other and hoping that is right.
    Medallion Shawl
  • I’ll be rooting for the hometown boys today in the playoffs.  GO G-MEN!!
  • And if you happen to be in the Hoboken area today I’m working at Patricia’s Yarns.  So stop by!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Lolly says:

    I haven’t gotten my VK yet… and I am beginning to wonder if I didn’t renew because of their awful issues in 2007. Just like Disentangled said… why do they do that? ack.
    I am excited to see your new yarns and your progress on the knits!


  2. jenna says:

    The Rowan Cardigan is fab. I would have to shop (VERY carefully) for an entire outfit to go with it so as not to make me look like a house, but you’d be just fine!!


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