is it just me?

Or are things a little bit crazy everywhere lately?

Call me superstitious or spiritual or whathaveyou but lately things around me have gone down right sour.  I won’t get into too much detail but I believe things happen in 3s and BY God, let the three things that have come to pass be IT for a good while.  There has been a lot of bummy news going around and if this is the tone of 08, I want to throw it back and start it over!

I however am a stubborn optimist and therefore think that if all the crap is coming out now then the rest of 08 will be bright and shiny… right!? right.  Yet amist all the bummy, things have been really (cross your fingers, knock on wood, hold your breath and spin three times – just made that one up!) fine around Chez Tentenknits.  I went up to Vermont this past weekend with a few good friends and enjoyed a whole lot of lounging, knitting and outlet shopping.  I finished the hexagons for the Medallion Shawl and need to block them out before crocheting them together.  I haven’t picked up a crochet hook in a long time so this should be quite the experience!

In the mean time I am a few rows away from finishing the collar on the Tilted Duster and because I totally suffer from Multiple Knitsonality disorder, I started a new project.  One that requires all thoughts and brain power to go into it and has some crazy needle acrobatics!  It is the Linked Rib scarf from the new book Knitting New Scarves.  I recieved this book as a gift for Christmas and have been contemplating which one to start first… this one won simply because I had a skein of Rowan Summer Tweed in the stash! (Bonus!)

At first glance this scarf looked down right loco to do, but the directions are so clear and precise that I’m rolling through the repeats now.  The only issue I have now are trying to keep track of which row I’m on because I never write things down.  Also for note if you plan on doing this is that this particular scarf requires 6 size 8 DPNs and  most if not all are just packaged with 5.  I’m getting around it by using a pencil or  DPN of a different size. I am finding it’s not making a huge difference and thus no need to buy another set of 8 DPNs!

I’m thankful for this scarf and it’s brain occupying powers.  I’m hoping it’s just this Janurary that’s sour and when we hit February things will be looking up.  But life’s life I supposed and nothing is every all rosy or all stinky for very long – so we just have to roll with it and take each day as it is – a gift… (here comes the cheese) hense why we call it the Present. (you all just left didn’t you, you clicked that window closed… haha no comments?)

Either way, hope are doing well where ever you are and feeling good and if you need it, pour that glass of wine cause I know I need it!

14 thoughts on “is it just me?

  1. stacey says:

    January always seems like a transition time – old year to new, winter really sets in, it’s all about the change… least you should have time to wear the scarf you started! πŸ™‚


  2. mai says:

    yes, things are crazy!! 2007 was a pretty bad year in general, but i know that 2008 will be better. i have my reasons why, but it’s complicated and the explanation would be lengthy :). and yes, things DO happen in threes. i’m curious, when is your birthday?


  3. Cara says:

    2008 is going to be the most fantastic year yet – but it’s not going to really happen until March. Towards the end of March actually. πŸ˜‰
    I’m sorry your year has started out crappy – I hope the bad things weren’t anything really serious.


  4. Nonnahs says:

    Yuck, I’m so sorry to hear things are crappy! 😦 Mine started off really crappy, so for me it’s gotten better. Hope the same happens for you- stat! Hang in there…and drink some pinot gris- I’m sure it’ll help. πŸ˜‰ *mwah!* -s.


  5. Sil says:

    Oh sorry for the suckage in the new year. Go buy some shoes, that works for me (and Zappos).
    Can’t wait to see your Tilted Duster. I gave up on mine and I predict yours will make me mad I nuked mine.


  6. jenna says:

    I’ll have a glass of wine for both of us later…and maybe knit a few rows to try to maintain sanity. “crazy needle acrobatics” was my favorite part of your post. πŸ™‚


  7. Romi says:

    Um, yep. Things are definitely weird and have been for awhile, at least here. It’s been super super chaotic. Everything is in turmoil.
    I hope things get great for you very soon!


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