practice makes perfect

Whether you’re trying to hit 10 in a row from the free throw line or mastering Poison’s "Talk Dirty To Me" on Guitar Hero – we all need to do a little practice once in a while.


With one more sleeve to sew on the other Norah Gaughan knit in the making I have started a pair of Endpaper Mitts.  I haven’t done stranded knitting in a while and this is the project I needed to rev me up.  I have been experimenting with how to hold the yarn, over or under, with the right hand or left hand… etc. I think by now I’m doing a hybrid of all those different techniques but so far really liking how it’s coming out!

Since this photo was taken I’m about up to the thumb gusset.  The only thing I didn’t do which I may rip back in the end is the cuff.  I used the new to me Italian Cast-on found over on Francesca’s blog with the 2s instead of 0s and it ended up making the cuff way too loose.  I plan on finishing it with the 0s and starting the 2nd one properly but I just don’t feel like ripping it out Right Now…  I’m just having too much fun fair isle-ing!   

Other knits on the burner…
  I have the color cards for Venezia Pullover but need to make some choices.  I had ordered the yarn for the Phildar sweater but when the color arrived it looked more like Giants Blue than the steely blue I was going for – so that’s just back to the drawing board (but only for a short time, promise! I wanna get that pullover started too!)  And now I can make some Giants hats (and beer cozies!) for people I know! YEA! haha

Happily, things are looking up… I see Feburary on the horizion and what it means… Feb Break.  For those lazy mornings (maybe even a stop at the gym… maybe.), knitting and drinking tea … well we’re almost there.  Jan just really was filled with bummer news… I mean Heath now?  Wow.

16 thoughts on “practice makes perfect

  1. stacey says:

    Looking good! Stranded knitting is so addictive!!! It took me a while to figure out what “hold” worked best too – I hold one in each hand….
    Can’t wait to see all the new and upcoming FO projects! Sounds like you’ve got a lot cooking!


  2. meg says:

    your endpaper is looking fab. i love the colors you chose. i’ve never done stranded knitting but i love those mitts and have been thinking of trying them for a bit….maybe.
    so sad about heath, especially being an accidental od and all. ugh.


  3. Nonnahs says:

    Those colors together are so yummy! I found stranded colorwork on DPNs to be fiddly and it took practice, but you’ll find what feels most comfortable to you…and it’s well worth it! I wear mine every day! 🙂 xo-S.


  4. abby says:

    I’m sure I don’t use an approved method of holding two yarns, either, but I also don’t really mind since it works for me. I love the idea of using a varigated yarn for these mitts. Can’t wait to see more!


  5. Ava says:

    I was thinking about making a pair as a “quick knit” – who the hell am I kidding? I love the color choices; the lighter one will make it look all the more color change-y.
    Sounds silly, but I am thinking of having a Heath movie marathon since “10 Things I Hate About You,” “A Knight’s Tale,” and “Brokeback Mountain” all top my favs list. Such a shame!


  6. donna lee says:

    Good color choice for the mitts. They look really pretty although I am not a mitt person. I hold the yarn in my left hand between different fingers. It works for me so that’s what counts. I tried the different hand/different color method but that was too fiddly.


  7. Julie says:

    Love the mitts! I’ve nominated you for a You Make My Day Award! Check the blog for details…. it’s been making the rounds, you have probably already seen it!


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