it makes my week

Walking home at 12 am through Hoboken can make one realize an important fact.  My life doesn’t suck.  I was sauntering home after a lovely dinner and one last drink.  Bars were overflowing with people, lines outside forming and I just making my way home to my comfortable bed.  Drunken people stumblng and girls crying about how the next day they were going to be made fun of kept me amused with every step.  This really brings me to nothing in particular but I thought you would like to know what my walk home on Saturday night was like πŸ˜‰


Today I’m in a much more grateful state of mind and am totally humbled by those who have tossed the "You Make My Day" nod my way! Lola and Ava, Julie, Lise and Jillian thanks So Much!  It’s always good to feel appreciated!!  I know there are a ton of blogs I read that also make my day – so I return the favor to you all as well as other people who make my day in blog land and real life!

Patricia, my personal yarn pusher. You always make me smile and have been such a great friend.  Nothing makes my day than popping over and knitting with you! oh and there’s Riley too!

Nonnahs! I love everything you make and feel so inspired by what you create and how thoughtful you are πŸ™‚ You rock.

Stacey, you know, I don’t know what makes my day more… your knits or your dog. haha!

Lolly!   You are the Queen of inspiration πŸ™‚  where would we be without Project Spectrum or Socktoberfest? 

Cara who I’d like to call the "Godmother" of the blogs.  I have ready so many stories of how it was her January One that made others want to join in and start bloggin’ – as it is the case here, too!

Tiennie, who makes some really beautiful knits and sweaters hotter than Tom Welling. πŸ˜‰

Denise! When she’s not golfing or doing all the other fabulous things she does – she’s an excellent and quite inspiring knitter.

Kate who hasdesigned some really gorgeous sweaters and I love seeing what she’ll do next!

Grumperina – thanks for always breaking the knits down as well as always having something beautiful on your needles always – hope you are enjoying your Married Bliss!

Parikha, besides the goregeous knitting and photography – you’re in my next favorite area code…

I seriously could go on and on and on… but I must get back to work! I have the busiest week of my admissions year ahead of me so I will be looking to you all to get me through it!  That and mitt number 2 of the Endpapers!!

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