the next best thing…

I swear I’ve been knitting even though it seems I have nothing to show for it!   I have a finished Tilted Duster that’s growing impatient with me and my need to have a great photoshoot with light better than what 4 o’clock is giving me these days!  I do need to sew some buttons on it and we all know how that goes. (When was TY finished? November? And yet STILL no buttons?)

But hopefully what I have in store for you today will make you forget my lack of knitting content.  Dogs!

I have been in a Doggy Dog Heaven these past 3 days.  First, I visited my friend Torry over the weekend and got to meet her very special pup, Cocoa.  She’s a mostly mixed Chocolate Lab with a hind legs of a grey hound.  No joke I think she ran a 2min mile around her dog park!


She’s a goregous and good tempered dog who makes want to adopt a dog today… so sad that my apartment won’t allow them! 

AND Then yesterday I had my very first experience at the great Westminster Dog Show!  I went with a few co-workers of mine to see the benching area last night right before the Hound Group was showing. 

I was surrounded by Dogs.

Dog Show 003


Dog Show

And more CUTE Dogs.

Dog Show 035

Boy were those dogs were so cute! Some got there at 3am to compete all day and then had to hang out and meet Crazy Dog Lovers like myself! šŸ˜‰  Some loved the attention while others just peeked open an eye to say, "yeah that’s nice, people tell me the LOVE me all the time – I"m tired and just want to sleep!

Here’s the now famous, Uno, just before he went out to claim the first prize in the Hound Group – the first in 69 years for this breed!


What that Beagle was the cutest I’ve ever seen it was no match for my favorite – the German Shepherd! 


My grandmother had one just like it named Cali.  I used to ride Cally as a 2 year old and she just loved us.  I know if I were to get  a dog I would love it to be a GS!  I mean Look at those Ears!!

Anyway, I had the best time there and was SO Surprised and Delighted to read that Stacey’s doggy mama, Deuce was the one that won the Herding Group!! What a fantastic night!

SO i hope you love the dog shots and I promise more knitting content soon! I have a few tricks up my sleeve so your patience will be well worth it – i hope! šŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “the next best thing…

  1. Nonnahs says:

    OMG, look at those pups! (I’m dying, especially, over that bulldog!) Speaking of dogs, ours seems to like this new skin stuff I’m using. He gets within 1 mm from my face and sniffs every inch. Cracks me up!


  2. liz in CT says:

    We had a German Shepherd named Benjamin when I was a kid. My parents got him the year before I was born & my dad always says that Benjamin loved me from the start – my sister & I could sit on his back and he’d walk around with us still up there!
    He was put to sleep when I was 10(I’m 31 now) and I STILL miss him.


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