Like a poloroid*

There’s seriously nothing better than instant gratification.

My Bucket Hat!

Pattern:  A Better Bucket
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Vetiver
Needles: Size 7s addi turbos

I can barely keep a straight face today.  I woke up late, did some Spring Cleaning, got a mani/pedi and am now sitting at Patricia’s Yarns.  Pretty idyllic I know.  To top it off,  today is the first day of my Easter Break vacation from school.  My boyfriend and I are leaving on Sunday to go to Tampa for a little R&R and to catch one of the last Yankees spring training games.  I cannot wait to get to lovely 80 degree weather.

As for my Bucket Hat, I am so happy with it! It’s particularly great for my curly head as it doesn’t smoosh down the curls.  I did need to refresh my brain with the provisional cast on. (which is 3xs as fiddly when trying to knit a hat with Magic Loop) But beyond that this hat was very easy to knit – I will definitely be making more…

What’s next… a FO that’s Long Overdue for a blog post!

Bucket Hat

*can you believe that Poloroid is stopping production on their film and cameras! What a loss! I hope someone will take it up so we can Shake it like a Poloroid Picture for years to come!

17 thoughts on “Like a poloroid*

  1. Michaela says:

    I totally feel your curly-headed pain!! I had to stop knitting hats for me because they never got worn. Yours turned out really cute, though!
    I also have to recommend one of my FAVORITE restaurants while you’re in Tampa. Bern’s Steak House ( is amazing. Their food is awesome, and they have a seperate dessert room upstairs with private booths – perfect for you and the BF. Have a great time!


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