Bridges… a tutorial of sorts

It’s always fun to look at older knits and see who’se been making them (kinda like getting inspired to love your knit all over again!)  Like the number of new Cherry’s or Fifi’s out there is so cool!  But one knit in particular seems to need a little explination – Bridges in Rowan 42.  I have recieved a few requests on how I incoporated my increases and decreases while keeping the pattern correct and I thought I would share my experience with others!

Close up of Bridge

First, make a gauge swatch in the pattern (the photo above is the finished back… No you Do Not have to make your swatch That Big!).  As you work your swatch begin to recoginize how the stitches from one row relate to another.  For instance, Row One might have you [YO, slip 2, K1, p2sso, YO] making 3 stitches when you’re all said and done… therefore Row Two may have you K3 (So your’e knitting the YO, the P2sso, YO).  Getting to know this pattern will help you when you begin.  For instance, you’ll know you fudged up somewhere if you happen to K3 and your first Knit is the Psso and not the YO.

Still follow me?

The pattern in Bridges is actually a lace pattern… it incorporates a lot of  YOs with K2togs parings..  When I decreased in the pattern for waist shaping I simply removed the YO before the K2tog on each end – keeping in mind that I would work the other stitches in the pattern as they were on my needles.  This allowed the pattern to show pretty much all the way up to the selvage edge.

I then did my increases by doing the YO and instead of  a K2tog I knitted those stitches seperately thus increasing by one stitch.

Another far easier way to do the increasing and decreasing is by keeping 3 or so stitches in the beginning or end of your row in simple stocknette.  It will make seaming much easier and will allow you to remain sane admist the waist shaping and arm shaping – I would just mark that territory with some stitch markers so you don’t inadvertainly add them in somewhere. 

I hope this helps you a bit if you’re knitting it now and encourages others to try this great tunic/vest out! If you still have more questions feel free to email me or if you’re on Ravelry PM me!

6 thoughts on “Bridges… a tutorial of sorts

  1. Francesca says:

    🙂 thanks again for the help on this one! After several frogs I have two repeats of the pattern successfully done. I was close to giving up on this one but you’ve inspired me to just keep at it. Your FO is so awesome I think it will be worth the trouble!


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