Do you remember reading that wonderful novel (probably for a HS summer reading assingment) from Daphine Du Daurier that had that "scene" at a party when the lead character was dressed EXACTLY like the First Wife and it freaked out the hubby… and well… OMG. Sooooo good!?!  Well this is So Much better than that!

What I’m talking about of course is the  Rebecca knitting magazine from GGH… Number 36 to be exact.  I seriously cannot stop pouring over the pages and scheming over what I want to knit.  I actually own two other Rebecca  magazines but have never been so excited before. Number 36, I cannot stop looking at you!

Yes, Rebeeca has some serious naming issues – "Cropped Jacket with Belt" or "Long Jacket with Rib Pattern"?  but the patterns will make you look beyond that! Yes, Rebecca, Go have a pow wow with Rowan and get on the creative naming bus!  At least you are still better at the naming gig than Phildar (Pull 1823-92389-?? – something or another… huh?).

It all stated with This Dress:


I want to make you. I really really do.  But the question is… will I wear you?  Will you even Look Good on me?  Will I have that moment of frolicking in the ocean with you on?  Would I even risk the salt water on this precious knit!?  And part of me just wants to say F’ it – I want to make you anyway.  It’s just too damn cute!

Then there’s this cabled beauty.  I can So see myself wearing you out and about – w/ jeans, skirts…


Then there’s this… one dress, two dress… Count von Count would have a field day with this!


Despite the weird sleeves on this one which I would so modify I heart this one too!


Just when you thought we were Done… no no my friends, there’s more cabley good ness..


but Rebecca, dear dear, Rebecca… Hot Shorts?  With a Bum shot in the pattern section?

Really? Really.  No, really? 

So now this is where I get to tell you HOW Much I love Ravelry.  You make it possible for me to not break the bank when it comes to these knits by allowing me to realize that I have a thing called a Stash and that at least one of these knits can be done with what I already have.  I love you for that.  My bank account LOVES you for that.  My boyfriend loves you for that too.  If you have been living under a rock – this site is a must for knitters… it’s such a great resource… which leads me to Ravelraiser08!!  Go over to Fricknits to check out the details – it’s awesome.  It’s a way to say THANK YOU and Please Keep It Comin’!

This obsessed knitter is grateful!

11 thoughts on “Rebecca

  1. Heidi says:

    You enabler you! 🙂 I just had to go and order the magazine when I saw your pictures. That dress and that last sweater are now must-knits for me.


  2. jenna says:

    I am also trying to decide what to knit from Rebecca 36. I like the “Yellow Top”…but will I wear it?? And you’re right—the dresses are VERY cute!


  3. Susan says:

    I’ve been stalking this issue of Rebecca for awhile, debating whether or not to get it. But reading your blog has reminded me how much I like so many of the patterns, and it’s worth it to buy it! I just got it on Ebay….. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start.


  4. Siga says:

    I love the brown dress as well, and some of the cabled beauties. 😉 I made one cardi, but I’m not that happy with it. I’ll go and try some other stuff.


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