all in good time

snickets a brewin'

So of course just when I see Nova’s Snickets (having always loved Isel‘s from way back) I feel compelled to cast on a pair only to have Magknits go kerplunk!  (ETA: HOORAY to Ravelry Downloads!) The forums also helped with finding out how to grab now "lost" patterns with so many knowledgeable people chiming in.   I cannot stress enough how much Ravelry ROCKS.

I also must say who ever created the Wayback Machine is pretty genius, too! However I can’t help but feel a kind of polterguise-ness about it knowing that there is a "ghost" out there of websites long gone.  Like they’re stuck in some website Limbo.  Don’t walk into the light, Magknits!

Now I love making socks but it may come as a shock (or perhaps not, since you all know how much I love making sweaters, too) that I have only one full pair of socks to show for – the Jaywalkers!

I have a single sock for the Embossed Leaves socks stuffed somewhere in my drawer.  A Monkey somewhere in my closet wondering if it will swing from my feet with a pal one day.  Yup, only the Jaywalkers have prevailed!  That’s not to say I haven’t knitted other pairs of socks… my boyfriend got a comfy pair a while ago as did my friend Dana – oh and my Dad did too (which were thus stolen by my brother)  But for me just the pair. The only solitary pair.  So my feet were excited to see me cast on for the snickets!

I’ve also been asked to make a belated birthday pair of socks for my sock stealing brother.  I’m feeling a little Log Cabin in Malabrigo or Manos to spoil his London feet!

In other knitty news…

Icarus growing...

I’m just short of a one repeat done before I get to the pretty edging of the Icarus shawl.  I’ve been working on a few rows here and there between some late high school nights which I had last week – it’s been wonderful seeing this grow!   I am so excited to get to the pretty edging and LOVE working with the Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace!  It’s beautiful and soft and not to mention has Tons of yardage. 

SO as you can see I’m all ensconced in the knitting right now and am still working on the from scratch sweater – but that’s for another post!

I am going to Boston this weekend for a little getaway with my mom and close family friends.  A girls weekend away! I am so excited to visit a few LYS up there, too! Windsor Button and A Good Yarn, I’m talking to you!  Any other good Boston shops I should hit up?  Let me know!

Happy Hump Day!

7 thoughts on “all in good time

  1. Amanda says:

    I have a really hard time finishing pairs of socks too — I’ve been considering knitting the Snicket socks…I can’t wait to see your’s!
    Have a wonderful time in Boston! You’ve named my two favorite shops (I hate that my new home, Chicago, doesn’t have a shop equivalent to Windsor Button).


  2. mai says:

    have fun in boston! i think i might have to cast on for the snicket socks as well! icarus is also in my queue…i don’t think i’ll ever have time to knit everything in my queue 🙂


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