here i am, rock you like a hurricane

My boyfriend and I have invested in yet another useful tool of destressing – a second wireless Guitar Hero guitar. 

Where we would entertain each other by rocking out ballads in those addicting green, red and yellow buttons we now battle each other to ultimate GH glory and bragging rights.   We could spend whole nights and weekends in front of our tv playing games and be fully content in our little world.  Guitar Hero is probably not your typical relationship bonder but I’ve learned a great deal about myself and our relationship. Last night we were playing a game before our italian delivery arrived.  I was feeling all sorts of sickly as my allergies were in full bloom so I figure, he’s finally gonna win one. 

We played about 5 battles the night before and I beat him each time.  When those rock fingers went up in the air and the screen brightly flashed, "Player 2 ROCKS!" I couldn’t help but smile and feel this warm sense of accomplishment.  Video games are his domain. If we played any other game he could play with his eyes closed and send me to bed steaming.

So I figured since he’s got the advantage, he will finally win this one.  We were playing Pearl Jam’s Even Flow and were neck in neck making it to Sudden Death.  I thought I just won’t play so well and miss one so he can just win.  But when those little skulls come at you, you can’t help but to concentrate so hard. Without thinking of it I flicked my wrist to send the death blow over – and sent him on the losing train home. I couldn’t just let him win. 

What probably shocked us both after all was said and done was that staticially he won! He got the better score. He hit all his notes where I just played a mediocore game.  And yet the PS3 still deamed me the Guitar Hero.  He didn’t so much as say "Well, that’s stupid" and calmly put his gutar away when I realized if that was me I would have thrown a hissy fit of mass porportions claiming that all video games are Unfair and Dumb!  Followed by a 80s metal band worthy smashing of my guitar on the ground and into the closest tv speaker.

I am obviously relishing in this delight for now because I know it’s only a matter of time before he gets better and puts me back in my amature video game playing place.  Thank God he doesn’t know how to knit. 

9 thoughts on “here i am, rock you like a hurricane

  1. Wanett says:

    Thanks for this line:
    Followed by a 80s metal band worthy smashing of my guitar on the ground and into the closest tv speaker.
    I laughed my ass off as I visualized this. We have been trying to decide if we should get GH and this post is certainly making me lean in the “yes” direction.


  2. Denise says:

    Emily and I are dying for a GH but first we have to give in and buy a tv that doesn’t have knobs to tune it, right? Husband suggested we all learn to play regular guitar,but that seems like a lot of work.


  3. Michaela Dollar says:

    That’s a great game! My mom is weirdly good at it. I am aweful. I normally just watch during our family get-togethers because I get too frustrated when I play. Unless I’ve had a few beers. Then it’s on!


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