it makes perfect sense

While at TNNA I had the opportunity to take some really wonderful classes from some really ridiculously superb teachers.   I learned the magic of knitting socks and a wonderful way to make buttonholes all the while being in the presence of two of the greatest knitters ever.  So why after all that great tutelage all I want to do is draw fair isle patterns!?


I blame the yarn!  Mission Falls 1824 is one of the softest superwash wool I’ve had the chance to touch.  My mind raced with different hat patterns all waiting impatiently to get their way to the tip of my pencil.  This first rough sketch above is inspired by one of my favorite designers Orla Kiely.  I love her leafy motif that’s become her signature.  I modified mine a bit and although I designed this to look like leaves – they also look like giant knit stitches!

My stranded knitting is a bit rusty so it was a little rough at first but I got into the flow of it.  I’m thinking on version 2.0 of the hat I’ll go up a needle size for the stranding part. 

The makings of an idea...

This is another idea that’s making it’s way out of my head and into a pattern.  I picked up some luscious Manos Silk Wool for this next hat.  I’m trying to be patient and gauge properly so that I don’t go too far before ripping (but you know that will happen anyway! ;-)).

I remember talking to Rhichard from Koigu and asking him if he gets overwhelmed after TNNA with all the orders and yarn he has to dye.   He surprised me by saying that he is at his most creative when he gets back after seeing all the patterns and other yarns that surrounded him.  At the time I was pretty tired, thinking of getting  Jeni’s, but mostly thinking of home really doubting if that actually happens.  Now that I’m here I see what he meant.  All those creative people in the same room, sharing ideas and inspiration, how could it not rub off?

I’m just excited to see where this goes 😉

5 thoughts on “it makes perfect sense

  1. stacey says:

    love the new pattern! Orla Kiely has some really inspirational stuff! Thanks for the link!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the Manos….


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