what gets me through the day

I am not a complainer but I must tell you that it’s been pretty rough getting back to work these past couple of days.  I think my alarm clock doesn’t know what to do with itself, either beep, or sleep, or Shut the F up.  What has been helping me out dramatically is seeing some new to me inspiring knits that helps me get through to that "5 o’clock whistle". (Which in HS admissions time is 2:30… i know i know again not complain’, just sayin’)

I shall share, in hopes to give anyone else who reads blogs at work to help pass the time, something to enjoy ;-). My new fresh knitspirations…

Lolly’s new knit, the Berroco Crotona Coat, despite all that seed stitch, I am in love!

– A new friend for me on Ravely, Abackus has made me look twice at the Slimmy Vest from Knitty – the bright color she’s making it in makes me want to make a few of these for work!

Ann Hanson, who I had the lovely pleasure to meet briefly at TNNA, has got me thinking about Socks again, which is hard to do with my sweater jones!! Her Kites socks are so pretty and simple and lovely and I just need a pair and some new cute shoes and and and… 

– Then there’s dear dear Kim Hardgraves who has two sweaters I keep clicking on to see again and again.  The first is coming out in her newest collection Thrown Together (which I think is just a "Greatest Hits" maybe, because some I’ve seen before) called Olivia and the other is from the Romantic Knits book, the Chevron Lace Top.  This last one reminds me a bit of a Eunny Jang’s Arrowhead Pullover which I loved so much!

I am doing my best to do what my mother says to be "focused and crisp" at work but you know what they say "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down"!


5 thoughts on “what gets me through the day

  1. stacey says:

    OOH – I love the chevron lace top – that would be beautiful!!!! it is nice that there is so much inspiration on the blogs to keep us going. I too get up at 5 (actually 4:45 but who’s counting!) so I feel your pain!


  2. Nonnahs says:

    I’m totally with you on Lolly’s coat! I don’t know if I could handle that much seed stitch, but it’s so pretty! ps: I don’t remember the last time I was “focused and crisp” at work. šŸ˜‰ xo-S.


  3. Nurse Jackie says:

    I love when you post Margaux… so much information for your bloggers! I’m queue-ing Olivia… very sharp! Maybe we’ll do a KAL from Patricia’s! See you soon!


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