woah, new typepad…

So my account finally got "upgraded" here at Typepad.  SO I figured I should test run the thing before I have to post anything important like an FO. Here's a gratuitous yarn that has really nothing to do with anything but it's just always fun to look at Koigu.


Now that I've tested that out, on to a brief knitting update!  I am a mere few yarns-to-weave-in away from finishing my Rebecca Sweater. I've been trying it on as I go and am SO excited to have it complete!

And while most of the kids I know are hitting up Staples for fresh notebooks and pens, I went over to my LYS to get some yarn for my back to school knit, the Honeycomb vest from knitty.  I'm still debating over a fantastic shade of pumpkin orange or maybe a lavender purple Rowan Felted Tweed.  The decision will have to be made tomorrow as I plan on having this be my Labor Day weekend go to knit.

I'm off to my 2nd Annual Otter Lake weekend in the Adirondacks! Nothing like sitting on a dock, drinking wine, knitting and enjoying the company of wonderful friends. Well that and there's apparently this HUGE Hardware Superstore in Old Forge that just recently added a knitting wing! Yatzee!

7 thoughts on “woah, new typepad…

  1. Kirsten says:

    Oh that trip to Otter Lake sounds perfect! A dock, wine, good friends, a hardware store with yarn!! Wow-wow-wow! It doesn’t get any better than that!
    Um, what’s the Typepad “upgrade”? I use Typepad and haven’t noticed any changes.


  2. Nonnahs says:

    Normally I would immediately go with orange, but I can totally see that vest in a lavender on you. It’s gonna be so cute! And…OMG…with that wall of Koigu! My eyes are drooling! (Gross) Have fun this weekend!


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