cables by the lake


Pattern: "Brown Sweater with Cables" No. 42 aka "Margaux's Cable and Lace Sweater Lovefest" from Rebecca 36
Ravelry Link
Yarn: RY Cashsoft Aran, 14 balls (I think!)
Needles: Size 5 and 6 Addi Turbos
More photos on flickr

I am in love.  It's soft, it's beautiful, it smells good, it's done and it Fits!! 


This was my first Rebecca sweater and I would suggest reading through all the directions before you start (as you would do with Any pattern! ;-)). The wording is a bit different from that of an American or British pattern – so just peruse to get yourself familiar!  Also, I found a minor-eque mistake regarding stitch count.  In the pattern it says you increase Chart B from 9 to 13 stitches when it is actually only 12. In some places that may mean your stitch count might be a 2 stitch difference. 

I also highly suggest washing and blocking your gauge swatch.  I found RY Cashsoft to be very stretchy. So when the moment came where I thought my sleeves were going to be too tight I remained true to what my gauge swatch told me – it will grow! And it did!  It is a bit snug in the end, which I prefer, but if you hate snug fitting sleeves you may want to go up a size.


I was up by my friend's lake house this weekend and got to actually wear this sweater during the "New Year's Eve" party hosted by the local firehouse on Sunday night.  Yes, it was complete with tiaras, rattles and balloons that fell from the ceiling when the clock struck 12.  It was awesome.  That and they also had karaoke.

It was the best way to end a fabulous weekend in which I did a whole lot lounging, knitting, boozing, and eating. Oh and if you can't tell from the pic below, I chose the orange color for my Honeycomb vest!! I was under the influence of something šŸ˜‰

on the dock...

I am happily home and my voice is hoarse.

39 thoughts on “cables by the lake

  1. Kayla says:

    OMG Drools..
    For someone that LITERALLY just started knitting – I admire your work and aspire to one day be able to knit like you.


  2. Sheri says:

    You wear this sweater beatifully! I checked out the others knitting this on Raverly, and this design flatters everyone, regardless of size. I love how your neckline looks compared to the picture in the magazine. Did you make any changes?


  3. aquaknits says:

    WOW!! It’s STUNNING! I’ve definitely found that Cashsoft stretches a lot, so good for you for sticking to your gauge swatch–you’ve been rewarded for all your efforts with a simply amazing sweater that’s a perfect fit. NICE WORK!!


  4. mo says:

    Better late than never… you have knit a gorgeous sweater. Great work – beautiful stitches the cables… well done. You should wear it more often. Rock star that you are…


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