Feroch Brioche!

Brioche Neck Warmer

Brioche Neck Warmer
Yarn: Zitron Nimbus, 2 balls or any worsted weight
Needles: US 10 24 in. Circs
Notions: 3 buttons, H crochet hook, darning needle

CO 30 Stitches
Row 1: K2, *YO, Slip 1, K1* repeat * * to last two stitches, K1, S1 wyif
Row 2: K2, *YO, Slip 1, K2tog (YO and Slipped Stitch from Prev. Row)* repeat * * to last two stitches, K1, Slip 1wyif

Keep Repeating Row 2 only until piece measures 28 inches or until comfortably around your neck.

Cast off all stitches.
Measure the width of the scarf in from one end of edge (about 6 to 8 inches) and place 3 buttons evenly across scarf.
Attach and crochet 3 loops along side edge of other end of scarf to match buttons. (I crocheted a 12 chain loop for mine!) I also pinned the scarf together to help match the loops and buttons.

Feroche Brioche

Wear and enjoy!

Work is still super busy so it made me SO happy to have this finished and able to show off! I've already casted on for another to get me through! 

Brioche Neck Warmer

20 thoughts on “Feroch Brioche!

  1. Anna says:

    Perfect! I had something like this on my mind earlier today but did not know exactly how to do it. Now I know! Thank you! I will start on it immediately. :o)


  2. adele says:

    So pretty! I especially love the colour in the yarn. I’ll have to track it down. And the brioche stitch looks so nice. I’m going to have to try it out myself I think. The stitch definition is amazing.


  3. Maria says:

    Your blog is great! All of your projects are gorgeous. I have only been knitting since June so a newbie. I know JAckie and she told me to check out your blog and I am so glad that I did.
    I printed out the Brioche Neck Warmer and hope to make it soon.
    Thanks for sharing all of your talents.


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