For the People!

I'm not sure how many of you out there grew up surrounded by drinking games like Kings, A$$hole, or Up the River, Down the River but one thing that was always fun about them is when you had a Jump In Social.  A chance for everyone around the room to lift their glasses to drink.

It feels a bit in a way (ever so childish and underage drinking really) like you were saying "Drinks On Me"!

Here presenting Flora – a hat that was at first conceived to be a cowl but destined to be a hat. 


Sorry for the long delay – but here it is!

Download Flora

This is one of my first true patterns so please let me know how it works out for you! I hope you enjoy wearing it this fall!

I've got lots of other fun knits on the needles! Can't wait to show you!



35 thoughts on “For the People!

  1. knittinghiker says:

    Thank you for making this beautiful pattern available! I’ve been looking forward to knitting this cap ever since I first saw it on Ravelry.


  2. Suse says:

    I saw your pattern on ravelry and definatly want to knit it. However I can’t find that nice dark green yarn you used anywere near me, well the yarn yes but not in that colour. Can you tell me the yardage of your monos so i can see were I can find a suitable replacement?
    Cheers Suse (Susedolamroth on Ravelry)


  3. Crystal says:

    OMG you really have very nice work here. I love your site very very much. Especially your knittings and the design that you have come up with. Really very beautiful. Glad I found your site πŸ™‚


  4. Feisty90 says:

    Thank you very much for this pattern; I love the hat. I have made two (switched the green and white around for 2nd one) and got lots of compliments.


  5. Anne says:

    thank you so much for this pattern! it is beautiful. i’ve just begun, and have a question. it says CO 120 st, but it also says there are 3 pattern repeats of the 30 st. color pattern. do you cast on 90 st, not 120?


  6. Puma Shoes says:

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  7. ViviChick says:

    Lovely colorwork pattern! I’m going to use this for the top of a pair of knee-high socks. The leaves will look so awesome peeking out over the tops of my boots!


  8. Pat says:

    The pattern is lovely. Question: you list 2 needle sizes but do not note in the pattern when to use which size. I am assuming the smaller needle is for cast on and initial garter stitch brim; the larger for the colorwork section.


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