some wedding bling

I know, I know. I said knitting content would return, and it will, but I couldn't help showing you all my new shoes!

Some shoes for a special occasion

These Cynthia Vincent shoes are surprisingly comfortable and yes I have much time to break them in before the nup's in April.  I got them off of this great website called Gilt – they offere designer items for crazy discounted prices.  Originally around $400, I bought these for $100! Woot!  Anyway it's a members only kind of site so here's where I get to be the enabler I love to be:

Go forth and get some bling for yourself!

And yes I promise, next post… KNITTING!

12 thoughts on “some wedding bling

  1. Ava says:

    First, the Manos and Malabrigo binges that you “pushed” me into (fine – I was already teetering on the edge) and now this . . . honestly, I might set an alarm for the Dunhill sale as I *heart* that line. No more favors!


  2. Nora says:

    I was planning my wedding this time last year [Jan 5, 2008] but didn’t buy my shoes until after Christmas! You are incredibly organised – and the shoes are gorgeous!


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