notting hill socks

My wonderful brother Andrew is coming home for Christmas this year.  He's had a pretty hectic year with the financial chaos (I guess who hasn't) and has had some wonderful achievements with him running the NYC marathon– so what better present than a pair of cozy comfy socks to wear around a cold London flat.

Notting Hill Socks

Notting Hill Socks
Pattern: A combo of Thuja and a sock pattern from the Knitting Vintage Socks book from Nancy  Bush
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 wool. 4 balls (I used a smidgen of the 4th for the toe of the 2nd sock)
Size US6 circs

Notting Hill Socks

I'm actually so happy with how they came out. Talk about a quick knit too! Super fast dude socks.

I also made a Christmas stocking for my friend's nephew who's seriously the cutest boy ever.  His name is Charlie.

A Stocking for Charlie

I made an I cord for the curly C.  I hope lots of fun presents get filled in it for him this year.

If I don't post again before the 25th – I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

Ho Ho Ho!


8 thoughts on “notting hill socks

  1. Johanna says:

    Gorgeous stocking!!! Charlie is a lucky little boy to have such a sweet Aunty Margaux to knit it up for him! (Esp because his real aunt is a knit-slacker) 🙂


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