peek a boo hoo

Tired of looking at the knitted clock?

Me too!!

I am here, healthy and happy but geeze, can't get a post in word wise due to the busy work schedule and a little BIG thing happening in April.  I will not however make any excuses and just feel slap hap happy to be finally writing a new post!! (to Digress a bit – WTF with all you weird spammers out there!?  who are you!? i don't know whether to be happy because my little hardly updated blog has landed on your radar or annoyed that you actually try to put together reasonable (and yet not!) sounding comments!? Hmmm. Enough about that)

So, I have been knitting(!!) – oh so very much these past few weeks.  Some are secret projects for the wonderful Teva Durham, who's new book is in progress. Some were presents that have been given and others that waiting to be won. And some are my desperate attempt at FINALLY having a proper for Me FO for 2009!

Let's start with Desperate Attempt, shall we?

Minamalist, fronts!

This is my Minimalist Cardigan which was started some time ago (October actually! Thank you, Ravelry) – it made it through the move and is slowly showing progress.  It took a back seat to the crazy happenings of my job and other more pressing knits.  Its simple moss stitch pattern was a saving grace when I just needed that psyudo-mindless knit.


I am finally done with the front and back and promptly will be starting the sleeves once this post is spell checked.  Maybe, and i won't even hold my breath, have something modeled by mid March!?  Can i do it!? 

Well, I do have other knits that are "in the way".  One of which was my just finished Purple Feroche Brioche which is going to be a gift to one lucky person – and that's all I'm saying about that.

Purple Feroche Brioche

The yarn is Malabrigo. The color Grapes. The button is fabulous. 

Speaking of fabulous I also acquired some new yarn… crack yarn.

Road to my Heart

I have no idea why they named this yarn Road to China.  It should be named Road to my Heart because it's so soft and beautiful and I just don't know what I'm going to knit with it but know whatever it is must be special! Swoon.

I also keep seeing such cute new patterns popping up that it's making me anxious to finish all these other projects and my big day in April still coming up fast, what to do!! ;-)  I am loving the new IK spring.  Patricia totally called that I would love the Zickzack Tunic and hello, I do!  I  am thinking of changing up the yarn to use Rowan Wool Cotton instead of the fingering weight.  I did a swatch and I think the drape and fabric will be good to me, we'll see how it goes.

Well that's a nice mother post for you all, no? – pictures, updates and a whole lot of knitting!  I probably was so inspired to write tonight because I just watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and wouldn't you know it Miri is a KNITTER and Crocheter!  Sadly you don't ever see her knit but she refers to her yarn and is always sporting a hand knitted hat or scarf! (she though used fun fur in some! eek) And Zack also is always wearing a different knitted scarf in any of his scenes.  Thanks for the knitting love shout out Kevin Smith.  Cute movie too if you can get past the porno stuff haha!

Till next time, go over to Serendipty and help in this Truly Truly Important Cause!



11 thoughts on “peek a boo hoo

  1. Zylo says:

    I applaud you attempting not only a FO for you (how many of us actually get to that?) and one done in moss stitch. I can’t even a scarf in moss because I knit right-handed and it drives me crazy. Yours looks great!


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