Ravelry does it yet again.

It has made me fallen back in love with a current WIP that hasn't seen the light of day since, hmmm… May 08!?  a year ago!  It's sat on the top of my WIPs list, yarn under my bed, and mojo out of my sight.  I even contemplated using the yarn for something else.  And to be honest that is how I came back to wanting to knit it again.


The project is the ever popular and oh so cute – Phildar Leaf Pullover, my fav verson – Klement's.  I bought several balls in a lovely dark red Aurora 8 and casted on last May.  I've already told you how I love the new IK spring and was thinking of using the yarn for the Soap Bubble Wrap Cardigan.  Alas, not enough balls!  So I went on to that fabulous knitty site looking at what else people have made with the Aurora 8 and there the Phildar Leaf Pullover was yet again.  I clicked on one and then another and then another and realized – I Do Still love you!

I've been watching a several movies lately that have the supporting all-knowing friend give our hero/herone that whole sideways glance look while saying, "You love him/her!"  and our hero/heroine always gives the same response, "Oh, ha. No,  I don't. Why… I couldn't possibly…" and the friend just laughs and says "Wow, yes you do!"  The Ravelry Projects list is SO my supporting all-knowing friend.

I'm thinking of ripping and restarting it with the fronts and backs together. Skip that whole reverse stockenette seaming mumbo jumbo – although I'm sure it's Not That Hard.   Of course all this will happen when the Minimalist is done!!

To realize you want what you already have - woot! Thanks Ravelry!

14 thoughts on “renewed!

  1. tiennie says:

    I love the color! Can’t wait to see it modeled!
    And double yay for Ravelry. I uploaded all my old projects to it this weekend and it’s fun to see the progression in my work and how my pics have gotten better too.


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