Really? Really.

Here's the exciting news:  I got to go to a taping of the Martha show today! 

Even better news: It was a knitting show!

Now I am going to confess to you that I do love Martha Stewart.  I know she is not liked by a lot of people – but I kinda like her – I like her Good Things.  I like her magazine. I really do like her Taste.

So when I was asked if I was interested in going to the knitting show I was like HELLS YES!!

My expectations were high.  Was she going to have any famous knit designers on – Teva Durham or Norah Gaughn? Maybe even someone from Vogue Knitting or Interweave?  Was she going to highlight and talk about Ravelry!?  Was the take home going to be something fabulous like Addi Clicks?? I must say I had the whole show written out in my mind.  I was like "this is going to be Aaamaazing!"

And off we went!

WE were First on line because I was CRAZY like that.  I didn't know if there were assigned seating or if it was general admission but I wasn't taking any chances, I wanted to be in front!  Everyone who went to the show was either a knitter and crocheter.  We were all asked to bring something we knitted and boy did people show up with some intersted knits!  Shawls, hats, scarves, jackets, you name it. ETA: Reading Gale's comment reminded me that YES standing online outside the show was DEFINITELY one of the highlights – I met so many great people!! Knitters are awesome.

Here is a picture of us in the waiting room.  As you can see I have the OVERLY excited smile on my face.

The set was great, so Very Martha.  If you've seen the show then you know what I mean. There was a cute kitchen set, a little "courtyard" and a "craft room".  There were yarn balls hung everywhere and yarn baskets in and out of the cupboards.  Songs like Timbaland's "The Way I are" and Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" filled the speakers around us.Martha and Top 40. Who knew!? Was I on the set of the Martha show or in a nearby meatpacking district club?The crew was nice and did well getting the crowd revved up.  

And then she came out.  Martha in all her glory.  She wore a yellow sweater (didn't knit it) and jeans with platform shoes, her hair perfectly parted.  She is exactly the way I thought she'd be.  The way I guess everyone knew she would be.  Oh So Martha.

The show went…. well.  She had several segments and really I want you to see the show before I comment on it.. there is much to say but let's get to the point of this post – why I couldn't wait to get home to write it.

Please, Click Here to see what we received as our take home and then come on back.  I'll wait.

Did you go yet?

It's your last chance… clicky clicky.



I am SO SO SO disappointed in you!  I mean FUN FUR!?  Whaaat in all Good Things is that!?  It's NOT A GOOD THING. IT'S A VERY BAD THING.  It is the WORST THING you can give a knitter and crocheter who actually knits and crochets. Now, I am not knockin' on Lion Brand because I know they've done a great job creating new quality yarns and patterns.  BUT you cannot deny the Fug that they've brought into the knitty world.  Call me a yarn snob.  Yes. I am.  But it's MARTHA…

DO you for one minute think that Martha Stewart has ever let that plastic craziness that calls itself a yarn pass through her pristine manicured fingers?  I think not.

I cannot even begin to let you all know what a let down that was.  She even had introduced a new craft book she's coming out with and we didn't even get that!!  I would have rather have left empty handed.

If you want to hear more "fun" details, visit my friend Chris's blog. I will entertain more reflections after you get to experience the show should you have the opportunity.

The show airs on Monday 3/23 at 11am on NBC (or check your local listings! Thanks, Queue!).  I did my best to get myself on camera tho!! 😉 I'm wearing a blue dress with my camel Retro Redeux Shrug.  Hope you find me!

31 thoughts on “Really? Really.

  1. Queue says:

    Just for clarification:
    Martha’s show is syndicated, NBC doesn’t air it nationally. Might be worth checking your local listings to see when and where it airs in your area.
    For you it’s 11am on your NBC station, for me it’s 10am on my FOX station. Wouldn’t want anyone to miss it – Martha’s a good thing!


  2. Audrie says:

    That’s extremely disappointing, and rather insulting! Even if Martha herself didn’t know what a terrible gift it’d make, you’d think her staff would’ve known better.


  3. gale (she shoots sheep shots) says:

    That’s funny- I made the EXACT same face when I peered inside my “goodie” bag too. (We were standing in front of your seats in the holding area before we all entered the studio, btw). The folks we met in line outside were the gems of the experience.


  4. Nonnahs says:

    Okay. I still can’t believe it, ever since we gchatted earlier. OMG. BUT- love the pics! The difference between the super excited pic and the WTF pic…priceless! Well, at least you had a fun day with your peeps! How’s the wine? xo-S.


  5. Kristin says:

    So disappointing! The possibilities were endless… I had heard that they were looking for knitters to attend, so I thought it was looking promising. I am just sad about the fun fur — what more can I say?


  6. Luni says:

    You were surprised? Disappointed? Really? You just got a glimpse of the real Martha. Never mind when it airs. I’ve got something better to do with my time.


  7. Vicki says:! That’s really to bad about the zinger at the end, though. Blergh. I do not accept that Martha “didn’t know” that Fun Fur would be a crap gift… though I did scratch my head some over the whole prison poncho thing. Anyway, I’d rather have left empty-handed, too — but I love your photos.
    ; )


  8. Ava says:

    You could have received a free t-shirt with an outline of the hideous Egg-Beater logo and a whisk that falls apart on the first use . . . that’s what we got after our first taping. Mind you, they didn’t plan for any gifts; these were just left-overs from another day. Some of our kids were given Zippo lighters until the “powers that be” decided that it might not be the best thing in the world to give a 13-year-old. I wasn’t even allowed to knit once we walked into the studio during the 45 minutes that it took for Martha to come on set (after the third time, I didn’t try again). But still . . . what I wouldn’t give for that kitchen.


  9. yoli says:

    wow, that was lame. I interned with a girl who knew a relative of Martha’s and the one time they met Martha had her and her friend change into cardigans and “proper” clothes. Judging by what your friend wrote maybe she found Fun Fur fitting with the “uselessness” of knitting or something. *shakes fist* Martha, I love your products but you, I’m not so sure about.


  10. Susanna says:

    And I was so jealous when I get the email from the yahoo group (I know, I know, I should unsubscribe since I can’t participate, but I just can’t do it) …Now I just feel bad. Who does she think she is? In fact I thought they were done making fun fur. Seriously, Martha, so not a good thing!


  11. Norma says:

    Oh, this is just so FUNNY. In a sad way. Sweet and corny and weird and… well, the best thing you can maybe say about it is you got a good blog entry out of it. 😀


  12. fast loan says:

    I love the color! Can’t wait to see it modeled!
    And double yay for Ravelry. I uploaded all my old projects to it this weekend and it’s fun to see the progression in my work and how my pics have gotten better too.


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