If Bruce Wayne was a knitter

While sitting with my two dear friends at my LYS yesterday, Patricia showed us her newest acquisition which I wasn't leaving her shop without. 

Knit Kit

The Knit Kit.

"secret compartment"

This little swiss army knife-like gadget is an all-in-one kit that pretty much contains everything you need to combat any knit-villains that come your way.  Evil Dr. Dropped Stitch won't even see you coming. POW!

Tape measure, counter, stitch markers, heck, you could even deflect bullets with this thing. BANG!

A little blade... hmm

It also comes with a handy little cutter should you not want to whip out the TSA approved mini scissors that's located in it's secret back compartment. Holy convenience, Batman!

TSA Approved Bizaches!

I know I carry my knitting everywhere and enjoy the fact that this will fit snugly in the corner of my gargantuan purse rather than the huge zip-pouch I previously carried.  I also enjoy that the Joker won't be able to thwart my knitting prowess and thus be foiled once again.

To the bat cave.

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