I cannot believe I waited forever to stitch this baby together! I guess I was a bit busy 😉

Minimalist Cardigan
Pattern: Minimalist Cardigan, Fall 07 IK (Rav Link)
Yarn: Foxfire Fiber, Cormo Silk, about 6 hanks
Needles:  US  7 Circs

I started this cardigan last October – I had dreamed it up to be something I would wear in the winter but it got a little sidetracked with what else, that big ol' Wedding I was planning.  I haven't fully blocked it out yet but I love the fit so far!


The yarn is a dream.  I remember picking it up in Rhineback a few years ago.  It was was (and I know you won't believe me) my first and ONLY time going!  Somehow each October that weekend is filled with an event I have to go to, so sadly I haven't been back and have been envious of all those who have since.  I do remember when I bought the yarn, browsing some other booths and running into none other than Janurary One Cara, herself!  I remember being so excited to meet her and she wanted to see what yarn I had bought and exclaimed at seeing how many hanks of the Cormo that were in my unassuming bag. I had no idea what she was so excited about – but BOY do I now!

Copper Dream

The pattern itself is pretty wonderful too.  I guess people out there already know that since there is about 350+ of these on Ravelry.  There's something comforting to me about the moss stitch.  If I could I would moss stitch everything!


Minimalist Cardigan

Yea! A finished knit!  I was so excited about this last night I just had to get some shots and wouldn't you know my bathroom has some pretty good lighting!!  Hah!  Anyway, I'm off to Boston this weekend for a friend's wedding!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

16 thoughts on “Cedar

  1. Maryse says:

    Really nice! The color is gorgeous indeed! I’m thinking it would be very practical for me… I’ll think it through 😉 Congratulations and have a great weekend!


  2. Zylo says:

    I love that color. If you ask me, there isn’t enough orange in the world. The look of moss stitch is phenomenal when you consider how simple it is, but I hate doing it. If I knit left-handed with more ease it might be a different story. Congratulations on a FO!


  3. Melissa says:

    Congratulations on finishing such a beautiful and wearable sweater! You may have inspired me to knit one of my own. Now, what I would really like to know is… where did you get that fantastic white shirt you’re wearing? Please, please tell.


  4. castingontrouble says:

    that is a great style and I love the colour – burnt orange/cinnamon – reminds me of mulled wine (it’s winter here)!! And I really like the top underneath it – does it have arms or is it a singlet? 🙂


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