Bumble Up!

Wow that was fast.

Bumble Upbright

Pattern: Bumble Up Scarf (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Spud & Chloe Outer in Soapstone & Flannel
Size 11 circs
1 fabu button!

I cannot tell you how much I wanted to make this scarf since I first saw the cute tease cards that Spud & Chloe sent to my LYS.  I love just  the look of the honeycomb stitch, and its unbelievably SUPER easy. (I really mean it this time!)

On top of it all it was superfast to knit up.  I started this scarf yesterday afternoon at around 3pm, took it with me to happy hour and finished it this afternoon.  My other project right now is the Featherweight Cardigan using lace yarn and size 6 needles so you can only imagine my joy to knit this.

The yarn is soft and shed only a little bit. I would so use this again for another scarf and maybe a matching hat.   I really think this stuff is going to fly off the shelves.  Love!

Time to pump the AC in my apartment so I can wear this around for a while before I have to store it for the winter.

6 thoughts on “Bumble Up!

  1. Jillaaaaa says:

    OMGGGGG i love that!!!! it’s awesome! I just found my pathetic project that Trish helped me start and realized I am just a hopeless case haha


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