Mr. November and now Mr. Record Breaker

I have many loves in my life and one is Yankees Baseball. 

When my husband told me he was going to the game that the boy from Kalamazoo, MI (and born in NJ, I might add) may break Lou Gerhig's record we looked at each other and nodded in agreement, You're taking the camera and the biggest zoom lens we have!

Jeter's Hit!

While getting a beer, my darling husband caught this shot.  The record breaker, 2, 722 hit!

Derek is quite possibly one of my favorite baseball players.  The man has talent, style, and most importantly class.  I remember one Father's Day we happened to be in the same restaurant as Derek and his family.  I was so impressed with how down to earth he was and how he just allowed everyone he passed say hello and shake his hand.   My father of course concentrated on Dr. Jeter and wished him a Happy Father's Day that day letting him know that "he did alright with his son".   And boy they did.

Thanks Jete!

Thanks Jete for making me love the Yankees and you even more! 

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