My hearts a flutter

more of my sleeves

Pattern: Flutter Sleeve Cardigan by Sweaterbabe
Yarn: Spud & Chloe, Sweater, 4 balls
Needles: Size 9 circs

Nothing says "I love this sweater to much and can't wait to show the internets" like a  late night bathroom photoshoot!  With the busy weekend I have ahead, the thought of me not being able to blog about this until Monday seemed ridiculous!  I'm suprised I even had the patience to let this fully dry after I blocked it but I knew I had to… it's just so pretty!

I didn't even see this knit coming…  I originally saw it on Ravelry and then saw Hannah's finished one on her blog and I was a woman obsessed. I had mental lists of all the knitting I was going to be doing, scarves, hats, other fantastic cardigans, but you've read it before and you'll read it again, when there's a knit that is as good as this everything else just gets pushed aside!

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

I started this about three weeks ago and couldn't put it down.  I even took it with me to one of my girlfriends' bachlorette weekends.  It was one of those fun lounging type trips which allowed me to do a little bit of relaxation and knitting.  The pattern is such that it really keeps you entertained the entire way.  Katherine also does a great job at really detailing her instructions – she walks you through every step which makes this a great pattern for any beginner knitter.  I decided to lengthen the sweater about 3 inches in the body.  The original sweater hit me at around my natural waist and after conferring with Patricia and our other knitty friends, we all felt that the beautiful leaf lace would look even better in a more full length sweater.

The yarn is a dream.  It's soft, drapes well and has wonderful stitch definition.  The cotton blend also makes me believe that it will hold up well and not stretch out like most wools do.  I think I found one of my new go to favorite yarns, yea Spud & Chloe!

like butter

Gosh, I am such a cardigan maker/wearer. I just tend to gravitate to the cardigan more so than pullovers.  Perhaps because I know my wardrobe and what I would absoutely wear… so don't be suprised if you see another cardigan debut on this here blog soon too!  Have a great weekend everyone one!

22 thoughts on “My hearts a flutter

  1. jan says:

    Love it! To be honest, the original pattern does not appeal to me at all, but your version has really brought out all the best qualities. Love the yarn choice – I’ll have to try it. *applause*


  2. kathy says:

    Hi! Love the sweater…I am in fact knitting it up now! Was wondering whether you made any adjustments to the sleeves at all. Your sleeves don’t look too bulky, but mine do.


  3. Cleone says:

    i LOVE how yours came out! the lighting in the photos really make this cardigan stand out. i only hope mine comes out this good.


  4. Sandra Milton says:

    I agree with the above comments….your cardi is really lovely, and makes me want to make one as well. I was a bit overawed with the sizing of it i.e. starting in the 100s of centimetres…..did you find that it was too big in your actual size, thanks?


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